CiscoChampion2015200PX#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’ll be talking about all things upcoming in the cloud universe with Cisco Vice President of Cloud Services Peder Ulander.

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Cisco SME
Peder Ulander, @ulander — Cisco VP Cloud Services Marketing

Kim Austin (@ciscokima) — Collaboration Technology Group

Do enterprises need a cloud computing strategy?
What do we mean by “digitization”?
How is digitization the next evolution of Cloud
What is Intercloud and where is it going?
Where is Cisco with OpenStack?
Maintaining and documenting security controls

Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud
Cisco Community: Cloud Solutions & Services
Cisco Community: Intercloud Forum
Cisco Community: Open Stack & Open Source Software

Perkzilla So, virtualization and orchestration enabled Cloud 1.0, Automation and containerization (word?) enable 2.0?
Perkzilla Distribution is great, but how do you maintain security controls across different providers? More importantly, how do you prove to the customer that their controls are being maintained?

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