CiscoChampion2015200PX#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’ll be talking about DevNet, SDN, DevOps and ACI with Cisco Custom Application Engineer, Brett Tiller.

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Cisco SME
Brett Tiller, Cisco Custom Application Engineer

Cisco Champion Guest Hosts
Michael Aossey, @aossey, Solutions Architect
Hal Rottenberg, @halr9000, Developer Advocate

Lauren Friedman (@lauren)

SDN Overview
Devops Overview
LDL deep dive
Getting started with network programming
Devops Microportal

DevNet Learning Labs

halr9000 https://developer.cisco.com/
PriscillaOpp When talking SDN, programmers often act like networking people can easily learn basic programming. I wonder how many really can.
halr9000 http://virl.cisco.com/
NathanielAvery all depends on how complex the program needs to be
NathanielAvery Coding 101 labs at Cisco https://developer.cisco.com/site/devnet/learningLabs/overview.gsp
@gallifreyan hal: very likely.
aossey correct. I was asking about the 9k already knowing the answer was no
aossey we jumped to the VIRL topic from ACI, which is why i making the point
aossey the only other one i had about about onePK and where it fits with APIC-EM becase there seems to be some confusion about that becoming a southbound int
NathanielAvery a sep talk for dev ops is probably best.
halr9000 but yeah could easily do a part 2
NathanielAvery a lot of dev ops also ties into openstack that could be covered in pt 2
halr9000 I got a 100 in an Intro to C class
halr9000 that was the only CS class I ever took
halr9000 I was asked to leave not long after IIRC
halr9000 but i am totally not a programmer
NathanielAvery If you understand route / switch, it’s not that hard to understand coding concepts at least. if you can read a config file, you can probably figure out simple code
halr9000 however if you config a switch and you forget to type “save” after 6 months in production–GTFO
Cisco Champion Radio If you can do logic you can do coding – but can you dodge a wrench?


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