#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists hosted by Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja). This week guest host Lauren Friedman (@Lauren) and the Cisco Champions team share a recap of Cisco Live.

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Cisco Live Highlights:
DevNet Hackathon recap
Most useful Cisco Live Sessions, Labs and Classes
Most enjoyable Events
How to lose your voice in 3 weeks
How to recover

RoutingNinja I wrote a blog entry on why Cisco Live was awesome this year. http://www.routingninja.net
@gallifreyan I would’ve enjoyed the improv session, but had other commitments (and have done my share of standup comedy already)
CommsNinja Improv class was awesome!
@gallifreyan I have to say I liked the vendor events where you could hear people next to you (ePlus, BaconIT, for example)
@gallifreyan I’ve kinda run out of excitement for huge noisy booomboom parties.
@gallifreyan Lauren: Next time, bigger room for Cisco Champion Radio Live
RoutingNinja bacon buffet in the tweetup lounge
LaurenFriedman @gillifreyan – no more boomboom for you
CommsNinja I’m getting a smaller room next year–better pictures for CCR Live!
ahmadmanzoor I was not at CLUS that’s why i am just listening but i have seen sessions on Cisco Live website
tnewshott I managed to avoid any sessions at all.
subnetwork I do. I learn an incredible amount from the people,
@gallifreyan I took one class each day, and two labs, but mostly tech field day and social stuff and Cisco Champion stuff.
LaurenFriedman @gallifreyan DON’T B SAD
ciscokima black tortilla of depression — awesome image
k00laidIT That’s been me, I wasn’t able to go this year but followed along on the keynotes online and already have a list of sessions to review online one video
ahmadmanzoor CommsNinja: I have seen your session online that was awesome
LaurenFriedman @ahmadmanzoorahmad – URL!
CommsNinja   Ahmad!
@gallifreyan Meet The Engineers or Table Topics.
@gallifreyan Maybe we should do Cisco Champion Table Topics for the various channels.
@gallifreyan Eeeeeexcellent.
CommsNinja Like it.
@gallifreyan oh yeah, when do the CLUS EU episodes come out?
CommsNinja Every Wednesday rain or shine for EU. First will come up soon.
Fish14 some CLUS vods are already out there
tnewshott It was rough having the event spread across 3-4 buildings for me this year.
@gallifreyan GideonTam: You did a great job. I went easy on the leaderboard this year.
Fish14 all should be there w/in 2 weeks of today
GideonTam And one of my tweets was on the Featured Tweets.
@gallifreyan we could do table topics outside of the table topic region.
@gallifreyan maybe “rent” a meeting room in a nearby hotel for Champion sessions, like we did for TFD.
ahmadmanzoor LaurenFriedman: Session ID: CEWN-1000,
@gallifreyan sounds good.
ahmadmanzoor Link : https://www.ciscolive.com/online/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=78806&backBtn=true
BrandonCarroll I’d be into that
k00laidIT has anybody seen what vBrownbag and VMunderground are doing with a pre-event set of sessions? Might be an idea
k00laidIT http://professionalvmware.com/2014/05/vmunderground-opening-acts-with-vbrownbag/
Billyc5022 In Chicago !
tnewshott San Diego?
@gallifreyan San Jose!
GideonTam Thank you, @gallifreyan.
@gallifreyan NERD CAMP
Billyc5022 The Chicago Cisco office has a great briefing center
k00laidIT cisco briefing centers, like RTP?
amyengineer woot, texas!
Billyc5022 Paris ??
@gallifreyan Cancun!
tnewshott Belize?
Fish14 Hawaii
@gallifreyan There needs to be a Cisco Champion presence at CL Cancun. I’m hoping to be there.
RoutingNinja Fish beat me to it
CommsNinja Costa Rica!
k00laidIT Don’t be afraid to be social
@gallifreyan Arrive a day early and get your sleep for the week.
BrandonCarroll Comfortable shoes
RoutingNinja Red bull fridge in the tweetup lounge
BrandonCarroll Power bricks for you phones
BrandonCarroll Twitter clients on all your devices
CommsNinja Good ones Brandon
@gallifreyan I only ran into 2-3 people who i could smell from 15 feet away
BrandonCarroll Mingle
Rachelbee Pace yourself
@gallifreyan Surface Pro 3!
RoutingNinja bringing the LARGE portable charger instead of the little one
BrandonCarroll ISE
@gallifreyan Cancun Nov 3-6, Milan Jan 26-30 ’15, Melbourne Mar 17-20 ’15
DaSpadeR ISE
@gallifreyan Lauren: Cisco Small Business developments?
DaSpadeR yes, SG500 SmallBiz
@gallifreyan Real world implementations of ACI?
ahmadmanzoor Design Expertise & Tactics
BrandonCarroll Want to hear how it can or will integrate with ACI
DaSpadeR Datacenter Basics, WTF are spines and leafs
BrandonCarroll CML- the real deal
Stilgar CML (for those that missed it at Live or couldn’t make it to the presentation)
GideonTam CML (paid version) and VRIL (free version)
ahmadmanzoor CCDE
BrandonCarroll is there going to be a free version or not?
RoutingNinja yeah, CML/VIRL
GideonTam I meant VIRL
@gallifreyan yeah, CML/VIRL were still a bit confusing last week.
BrandonCarroll How does one acquire CML
BrandonCarroll do we have to go through a cisco rep? so on…
GideonTam I guess we Cisco Champion may want… to have early tryout of VIRL
@gallifreyan Cisco Modeling Labs
BrandonCarroll yep
DaSpadeR real world experience on IPv6, global vs local deployments, security
LaurenFriedman d’oh!
Fish14 LOVE my CCDE
@gallifreyan http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/learning_services/cml.html
Fish14 one of my favorite certs
@gallifreyan Pride goeth before the grill.
CommsNinja LOL
Fish14 luck
RoutingNinja I’d like to know where Cisco is going with the ASA / CX / Sourcefire / Cisco IPS / Ironport WSA / etc… assuming they know
Fish14 luck, luck, luck
@gallifreyan Maybe “What’s it like to work for Cisco?”
GideonTam Lauren Cooney insisted that there would be uses of CML (supported version) and VIRL (unsupported version).
samwomack And I probably should have listened to prior episodes on the IoT stuff..
RoutingNinja Thanks!
@gallifreyan Wow… 17 episodes.
RoutingNinja Yeah, I used to do all my TAC calls from the game room on the 4th floor of RTP 12
@gallifreyan NO
tnewshott ….fail……
RoutingNinja while playing xbox 360
RoutingNinja with unicorns
@gallifreyan “Once more, with feeling”
CommsNinja Well played
@gallifreyan Same bat-time, same bat-channel


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