#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. This week Susie Wee, Cisco VP/CTO Networked Experiences, joins Cisco Champions  Sam Womack and Tom Hollingsworth. Topics are surviving Cisco Live and an intro to the new Cisco DevNet. Guest host Lauren Friedman (@Lauren) guest hosts.

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Cisco Subject Matter Expert:
Susie Wee, Cisco VP/CTO Networked Experiences (@susiewee)

Cisco Champion:
Sam Womack, Senior UC Solutions Engineer (@SamWomack)
Tom Hollingsworth, Network Engineer (@networkingnerd)cisco_champions BADGE_200x200

What is DevNet?
DevNet at Cisco Live
How you can involved with DevNet
Developer Tools and Sandbox in DevNet Program
Software Developer tools for beginners
Network Engineers and Software Developers working together
DevNet Hackathons
Cisco Live and your shoes
The importance of beer bacon water

tnewshott Waiting for Cisco to open up some of those API’s on the security products…
RickVanover I’ve felt that SDN and more have a problem where one person can’t do it all. I need to work on my teamwork to do it all.
NetworkingNerd The Phoenix Project – Brent Problems. One person can’t do it all. You need a team to make it truly great.
tnewshott what is the push to have other BU’s within cisco to expose more capabilities via RESTful services or direct API’s?
skutzer Whoot – i am here
crajohns6965 $195 Social Pass is great too
CommsNinja @skutzer me too
@gallifreyan Yup, the Social Pass gets you into the concert/party.
samwomack Good Suggestion on the $195 Craig! Get’s you into the Party on Wednesday
@gallifreyan http://rsts11.com/2014/03/12/ready-for-cisco-live-the-customer-appreciation-event-band-is-clus-rsts11/
CommsNinja DevNet web site: http://developer.cisco.com
@gallifreyan I learned the hard way not to sign up for sessions every available slot.
RickVanover the major events are too intense
RickVanover Bring protein bars or snacks
tnewshott I schedule the full week, and then drop as I feel appropriate.
crajohns6965 @samwomack…You going to be at DFW Cisco users tomorrow?
RickVanover The ibuprofen is for when rule #1 beer vs. water is broken
samwomack I’m not in town
bwhaynes I’m curious as to what code language is most popular for development? is python the development language of choice or C or maybe fortran??
samwomack Nike Pegasus 30..
tnewshott Python has been our major driver….with OnePK supporting it natively.
@gallifreyan NEVER buy new shoes the weekend before Cisco Live. Or even the week before.
samwomack @bwhaynes I write in Java, Python, and C..I use Java for work and Python for play
NetworkingNerd Yes. Shoes need to be broken in beforehand. No matter how cute they might look…
@gallifreyan http://rsts11.com/2013/09/01/cisco-live-and-vmworld-two-first-times-compared-rsts11-ciscolive-vmworld-clus-vmworld/ has my post-CLUS’13 observations
bwhaynes i would like to see a “DevNet 101” for newbies to programing. I’m not a head-down, cola and pizza code junkie but may have some ideas.
RickVanover ABC
RickVanover Always be chargin
RickVanover “And still like”
RickVanover The WifI is good at Cisco Live
CommsNinja @rick – one would hope
CommsNinja more questions or suggestions
CommsNinja going to wrap in a little bit
@gallifreyan Consider writing down your schedule in case the wifi or your device keels over.
Guest 14 developer.cisco.com
samwomack https://communities.cisco.com/community/developer/blog/2014/05/02/cisco-augmented-collaboration-innovation-in-the-devnet-zone-at-cisco-live
samwomack The link to what she is talking about btw
@gallifreyan If you want to avoid the hackathon, there’s a Walgreens a block or two away and you can get expectorants.
@gallifreyan oh, wrong kind of hacking?
Stilgar lol
@gallifreyan cough
bwhaynes excellent session…looking forward to my first “hello world” code
CommsNinja @bwhaynes – go for it!!!!
@gallifreyan Tweetup Sunday 5-5:30ish in the social media hub!


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