#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists, hosted by Cisco’s Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja). This week Bob Friday, VP CTO Mobility at Cisco, joins Cisco Champions Sven Kutzer and Stephen Rodriguez. The topic is Mobility and Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX). This week Cisco’s Lauren Friedman (@Lauren) guest hosts.

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Cisco Subject Matter Expert:
Bob Friday, VP CTO Mobility at Cisco

Cisco Champions:
Stephen Rodriguez, Wireless Engineer (@WiFiJanitor)
Sven Kutzer, Senior Systems Engineer (@SvenKutzer)

Foundation of the Connected Mobile Experience (CMX)
How CMX applies to transportation, retail and hospitality
Where we’re going with indoor location technology, from probe based location to network based and network assisted track
Standardization of location technology
Surprising CMX deployment examples

CommsNinja skutzer = Sven
CommsNinja wifijanitor = Steve
CommsNinja LaurenFriedman = Lauren and Bob
LaurenFriedman @lauren
RickVanover Will this indoor location technology be only network – can it be “profiled” to people? I used to work in the Business Intelligence aspect of this.
RickVanover This is very interesting
RickVanover oh and application triggers can “draw” people there…
RickVanover the ideas are flowing in the brain of El Rickatron
RickVanover can also use it for workforce optimized order replenishment
RickVanover order fulfillment and replenishment both actually
RickVanover Techgazm
k00laidIT now provided by Meraki
RickVanover API is the unlock.
k00laidIT Wifi is not my strength, but how does the increased number of antennas work with freq. spectrum, would you not have AP bleed over?
wifijanitor yes and no. when you start to get into this area, you need to go dense on the AP. when you go dense on the AP, you drop the power level waaaaay down
RickVanover I prefer drones
RickVanover They will not give snarky comments, nasty looks and less likely to put their finger in my ketchup
k00laidIT Will CleanAir take care of that for you or is it a manual thing?
wifijanitor manual/automagic, for the most part. it would be more towards RRM functionality, but you also have to be able to disable some radios which RRM doesn’t
wifijanitor do on it’s own yet
RickVanover Detect devices, like a “reverse” WIFI Analyse?
RickVanover You guys are so smart
LaurenFriedman @rickvanover: you too kid!
RickVanover I worked for 10 years in the Supply Chain Automation space and then Consumer Purchasing BI
RickVanover this is Star Wars stuff for these industries
ntwrk80 And in a few years we’ll be buying apps for our phones to block this.
CommsNinja Drone Wars
CommsNinja You’re welcome.
RickVanover apps for our Glass
ntwrk80 In and Out for the handwashing
CommsNinja Like IRL pop-ups
RickVanover Well it is a liability mitigation technique
LaurenFriedman poop-ups?
LaurenFriedman what?
ntwrk80 Gojo has them already actually. RFID readers built into the dispensers
RickVanover automation to reduce liability
CommsNinja bahahaha pop ups
CommsNinja DYAC
LaurenFriedman you guys speak up or I’ll hog
k00laidIT Any form of racing tracking
RickVanover Need a defracker
RickVanover privacy
RickVanover Opt-In For the win
RickVanover Civil liberties groups don’t like Opt-In however
RickVanover b/c usually it’s “buried” details
wifijanitor well, with this type of tracking it has to be opt-in for the most part
RickVanover But the execution is up to someone else
wifijanitor you can be tracked just on the probes from your device, so unless you disable your wifi when you walk in
RickVanover I wonder how many Opt-In’s are ignored…
RickVanover for sure
CommsNinja Thinking about the hierarchy of needs triangle I just saw with wifi added on to the bottom . . .
RickVanover It’s like the new bell to ring
RickVanover nearest maintenance for operations
RickVanover in the distrubtion center world I used to work in, this would be awesome
skutzer Here in Germany the benefit is the free Wifi
LaurenFriedman I’m not buying Barbie dolls. it has been at least 20 years!
CommsNinja Steve buys them.
wifijanitor don’t hate
CommsNinja Thus the example.   They are unlocateable in Target. #parentnightmare
RickVanover The ideas come in too fast
RickVanover need to start with a use case
LaurenFriedman Beer drinking topics!
RickVanover Mall security dispatch
RickVanover A Cisco Live “Take me through it” app!
RickVanover @LaurenFriedman – I GET LOST at CISCO LIVE’s VMWORLDs, TECHEDs, I feel dumb.
RickVanover you’re not alone in the lost bit
Stilgar Where I can find all the “Frozen” toys for my kids
CommsNinja With the Cabbage Patch Kids Stilgar.
Stilgar LOL
CommsNinja Getting ready to unmute everyone. Great conversation, so be prepared to ask questions live if you have them.
CommsNinja 10 minutes!
RickVanover Yeah, of course – I wear my phone on my neck!
LaurenFriedman foursquare is dead to me
ntwrk80 wayfinding is huge in healthcare now
RickVanover The kids do it
RickVanover Instagram is big now with the kids
RickVanover it’ll change over the years
RickVanover They’re using the Jitterbug app
RickVanover Inception moment here guys…
RickVanover what if this could function like an RFID chip
RickVanover so not just phones and tablets, but what about thinks like inventory controlled items
CommsNinja Everyone who is dialed in is now unmuted. Just say your name before you ask your question so we can ID you
RickVanover It’ll take the public some time to “absorb” it
RickVanover IPv7, your indoor location
skutzer regarding the Privacy about CMX you can Opt Out of Location Analytics -https://meraki.cisco.com/trust#presence
RickVanover right – super saturation can bring other problems
RickVanover Very interesting everyone – thank you.
skutzer including in CMX – Facebook WiFi https://www.facebook.com/help/facebookwifi
wifijanitor called out! lol!
RickVanover You should watch #CucinaRickatron on Instagram!
RickVanover It’s in baking session
RickVanover (Section)
LaurenFriedman i 3 RickV


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