CiscoChampion2015200PX#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Technical Marketing Engineer Kevin Roarty about Cisco Expressway. Kim Austin (@ciscokima) moderates and Josh Kittle, Joshua Warcop and Rick Vanover are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

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Cisco SME
Cisco Technical Marketing Engineer Kevin Roarty

Cisco Champions
Joshua Warcop, (@Warcop), Senior Consultant
Josh Kittle, (@ciscovoicedude), Unified Communications Engineer
Rick Vanover, (@RickVanover), Product Strategy Specialist and Community Manager

Where did Cisco Expressway come from and why is it important?
Cisco Expressway and firewalls
Cisco Expressway and Jabber
Use cases for Cisco Expressway deployments
Best practices for preventing toll fraud
Deploying Cisco Expressway
Cisco Expressway licensing options

Cisco Expressway page
Virtualization for Cisco Expressway

Cisco Champion Radio Thanks all for joining and weathering any of the dial-in challenges!
Mohamed Abousena hi to all
@ChrisKnowsIT Well worth the hassle
RickVanover I have a question based on that
Warcop RickVanover – go for it. We’ll answer inline
RickVanover @Warcop did
Cisco Champion Radio @that1guy15 — you are most welcome!
RickVanover Got a followup on this…
RickVanover (question that is)
ciscovoicedude go for it rick
Cisco Champion Radio FYI: the product page is cisco.com/go/expressway
cpartsenidis Question: I’ve already deployed ExpressWay for MRA. Ciscojabbervideo.com clients can also call internal jabber clients. Is Toll Fraud by hackers possi
cpartsenidis Possible ?
RickVanover @CiscoVoiceDude or other Josh, can you narrate @CP’s question
Warcop Certainly! Toll fraud is related to being able to dial in and back out via the same stuff. You want to make sure your dial plan on your Expressway
Warcop Edge only has patterns associated with your internal dial plan
Warcop That way inbound SIP requests coming from the Internet are stopped out in your DMZ
cpartsenidis Thanks for the information



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