CiscoChampion2015200PX#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Technical Marketing Engineer and TechWiseTV host, Jimmy Ray Purser  (@JimmyRay_Purser), about all things IT. Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja) moderates and Sven Kutzer, Amy Arnold and Robert Novak are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

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Cisco SME
Cisco Technical Marketing Engineer and TechWiseTV host, Jimmy Ray Purser (@JimmyRay_Purser)

Cisco Champion
Sven Kutzer, @svenkutzer, Senior Systems Engineer
Amy Arnold, (@amyengineer), Senior Network Engineer
Robert Novak, (@gallifreyan), Cisco Consulting Systems Engineer

Jimmy Ray’s thoughts about…
SourceFIRE, ISE and ASA
TechWise TV, his favorite episode (hint: #103), and the outtakes!
What made him want to be an engineer
The importance of mentors and mentoring
His typical working day
His strangest fan request

TechWiseTV Website

bwhaynes Question for Jimmy: “what things do you know now that you wish you knew back then”?
WirelessStew I got my real start with as a Cisco Geek thanks to TWTV
WirelessStew http://www.nbaset.org/industry-leaders-form-nbase-t-alliance-promote-multi-gigabit-ethernet-technology-enterprise-wired-wireless-access-networks/
aaronhilley Thanks for the link Stew
ghostinthenet High-end APs are one application, but there are power users who need more than 1Gb and but can’t justify new cable infrastructure for 10x that.
ghostinthenet 10Gb isn’t strategic, but it may be a needed tactical technology.
ghostinthenet Er… 2.6Gb/5Gb isn’t strategic. Not 10Gb. Can’t type.
amyengineer Most memorable or favorite episode of TechWise?
@gallifreyan lack of planning is probably the most pervasive and broadly-implemented standard. 🙂
ntwrk80 My first introduction to you (Jimmy Ray) was a blog about you doing Urban Escape and Evasion training, have you had any other good nontech trainings?
@gallifreyan We talked iot and mesh computing a year and a half ago at the Techwise TV Cisco Champion show. 🙂
ntwrk80 In case anyone missed that one (https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/blogs/network-sheriff/2009/07/13/best-training-ever)
Cisco Champions Radio Thanks for sharing links–so helpful! 🙂
bwhaynes http://www.cisco.com/web/partners/specializations/iot-industry-expert.html
amyengineer voice as a favorite, no surprise here 🙂
Cisco Champions Radio what are some fave episodes from the crowd here? We can list them as recommended holiday viewing. 🙂
WirelessStew My fav is http://youtu.be/WcQYcdcR7g8 Cisco CLUS LIVE 2014
aaronhilley Question: We all listen to Jimmy to learn… but who does Jimmy listen to or follow to stay educated?
@gallifreyan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoovXN58yhw for me, Cisco Champions in mid-2013.
@gallifreyan featuring Lauren Malhoot
Cisco Champions Radio That’s a great question Aaron!!
skutzer mine would be the TechWiseTV: Outtakes
@gallifreyan I can put that forward next.
ntwrk80 TechWiseTV: The Lost Episodes?
WirelessStew Question: Does Jimmy Ray have a Photographic Memory?
@gallifreyan pcapper, datacentertoday, ieee…
LaurenFriedman From Matt Brender: Was JRP always comfortable in front of the camera or did he have to work for it? #CiscoChampion
skutzer Is there an Outtake Session from techwise TV
skutzer and what does he think about the Cisco SourceFIRE Solution especially in Addition with the Cisco ISE and so…
skutzer is there any Information on melding these products together?
WirelessStew Question.. ” Jimmy Ray, I know you work very hard ON-Set and behind the scenes with customers and Webex etc. How do you find balance?
Josh_Atwell Am I one of the things you don’t want on TechWise? Please say “No, we’d LOVE to have you on!” 🙂
WirelessStew Link to TWTV http://www.cisco.com/go/techwisetv
bwhaynes Q: What is your favourite WOW cisco product? Has it changed over the years?


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