cisco_champions BADGE_200x200#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Collaboration Product Marketing Director Thomas McCafferty and Cisco Collaboration Solutions Product Marketing Manager Angela Murphy, about Video Infrastructure Updates. Kim Austin (@ciscokima) moderates and Chris Nickl and Brad Haynes are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

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Cisco SMEs
Thomas McCafferty, Cisco Collaboration Product Marketing Director
Angela Murphy, Cisco Collaboration Solutions Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Champions
Chris Nickl, @ck_nic, Cloud Infrastructure Architect
Brad Haynes, @GK_bradhaynes, Client Solutions Specialist

Revamped Telepresence Server Experience
Video Scalability
Collaboration Portfolio and Architecture
Pricing and Licensing Updates

CommsNinja Thanks all for joining today.
CommsNinja This is Kim, impersonating CommsNinja
bwhaynes www.cisco.com/go/video is this a good landing page?
bwhaynes anyone out there using video endpoints?
bwhaynes any jabber users?
@gallifreyan bwhaynes: I have jabber w/video and the color ip phone.
@gallifreyan waiting for my DX sometime this fiscal year 🙂
@gallifreyan Among our tools are …
CommsNinja I’m Cisco, but I use: Jabber, CMR, DX650 — I don’t have cool endpoints at home. Sigh.
ghostinthenet I’m old-school. A pair of 7945s and a 7941. 🙂
chris_nickl i’m on the bottom of the list, i get jabber only
Guest 4 I’m waiting on a DX80
CommsNinja I can bring in folks to talk more about endpoints and SW if y’all are interested.
Guest 4 I think that would be good.
chris_nickl agreed
CommsNinja Excellent, I’ll make that happen.
CommsNinja Some good areas to ask questions…
CommsNinja The single architecture model
bwhaynes any questions?
Guest 4 what moves are being made to make the infrastructure simpler to deploy?


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