cisco_champions BADGE_200x200#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Compliance and Data Privacy Leader Evelyn De Souza, about Cloud Security. Brian Remmel (@bremmel) moderates and Andres Sarmiento and Denise Fishburne are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

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Cisco SME
Evelyn De Souza, @e_desouza, Cisco Compliance and Data Privacy Leader

Cisco Champions
Andres Sarmiento, @asarmiento85, Lead Technical Consultant
Denise Fishburne, @DeniseFishburne, Systems Engineer

Protecting access to critical work streams and transactions
Protecting data according to business risk, pertinent regulatory standards and user sensitivities
Enabling agile cloud adoption that helps align protection to the new business use contexts
Managing ease of use and openness without compromising data

Evelyn De Souza on Twitter @e_desouza
Evelyn’s Innovation Insights on Wired Magazine
Cloud Security Alliance

CommsNinja Okay party people in the cloud–get ready with your questions!! 🙂 Who has a question for Evelyn? Where is your trust barometer?
@gallifreyan I think it’s expensive, either direct cost from provider, or effort for you to layer your own defenses (i.e. encryption etc) on top of a public cloud
@gallifreyan key management
@gallifreyan tokenization
CommsNinja I have a question: how to handle the classic user challenge with cloud security. Consumers of services want ease of use and openness, until their data is compromised. How to balance and manage from the IT side?
Erik Bussink Q: Key Management for the security in a cloud solution where machines/loads come and go, would add a major cost to a Cloud solution?


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