cisco_champions BADGE_200x200#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Product Marketing Manager Prashant Jain, about MDS for Small to Cloud-Scale Data Centers. Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja) moderates and Patrick Swackhammer is this week’s Cisco Champion guest host.

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Cisco SME
Prashant Jain, Cisco Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Champion
Patrick Swackhammer, @swackhap, Lead Systems Engineer

New MDS products and solutions
How MDS family of switches can be integrated in an automated orchestrated way
Use cases for MDS
What is smartzoning
IO Accelerator

gmitch64 Are there any other differences, or is the 9148S just a 9148 that does 16G and drops 1G?
gmitch64 2G sorry
bwhaynes Just an FYI…see the SAN Innovation Announcement webcast for August 12th
gmitch64 Will the new management features of the 9148S appear on the older 9148 switches? Is it just software, or is it ASIC specific?
CommsNinja Good questions here–who else?
Guest 15 When will Smart Zoning be on the Nexus 5ks? Have a lot of customers using N5ks for FC/FCoE but also some some 9500s/9700s as core but can’t use it
LaurenFriedman I had to step away a bit…. but have we discussed use cases?
prashantjain prasjain@cisco.com
CommsNinja Good question Lauren
gmitch64 Didn’t NX-OS come as a code branch from SAN-OS?
Guest 15 Tech Note on smartzoning
bwhaynes A funky little question…Q: Do you have a favourite storage protocol(ie. FCoE, FCIP..)
Swack_ @bwhaynes
gmitch64 FC rules…
Guest 15 some more good info on it – MDS 9100 Series PDF
gmitch64 poific
Guest 15 What kind of adoption rate is Cisco seeing with FCoE? We try to push this a lot but run into political issues between LAN/SAN teams
chris_nickl i’ve done a few FCoE installs, and so have my other PS colleagues
Guest 15 we have done a fair amount as well but could be doing a lot more if SAN/LAN teams played nice
WackoRobie I missed the answer on the SmartZoning in mixed MDS/Nexus realm.
chris_nickl although these are typically either greenfield, or new solutions being added in and using that as the catalyst for FCoE
prashantjain Catalyst 6500 Series
bwhaynes are terabytes now old school and petabytes are now the unit d’jour? How big are data centres getting these days?
gmitch64 Out here in the Midwest, I’ve still not seen any FCoE deployments – on a small smaple I admit
chris_nickl TB is still pretty standard, but i am seeing more PB showing in the larger environments.
gmitch64 I think TBs are still the norm… we went from 20TB to 50TB a couple of years ago… we’re upgrading to allow expansion to 400TB
Swack_ wow
gmitch64 of course, I have 80TB in my basement at home
chris_nickl now i will say for anybody in the US, you’d be amazed at the number of Petabytes the DoD branches are using… in fact there are exabytes in some case
Swack_ serious gmitch?
WackoRobie We are FCOE and we pushing a PB.
CommsNinja You can buy that at the grocery store these days. Insane!
gmitch64 @chris and how much does the NSA have in Utah?
bwhaynes I cant wait until we get to yottabytes (did Jim Henson create that?)
gmitch64 @swack Oh, I am serious
gmitch64 quicky puts phone on mute…
prashantjain HCSC
prashantjain Molina
gmitch64 Good call today… learned about smart zoning.. never heard of it before.
ciscokima Nicely done, all.


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