cisco_champions BADGE_200x200#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking about Meraki with AJ Goldman from Cisco New Markets and Cisco Product Manager Tony Carmichael. Lauren Friedman (@Lauren) moderates and Sam O’Daniel and Jonathan Davis are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

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Cisco SMEs
AJ Goldman, New Markets at Cisco
Tony Carmichael, @aicarmic, Cisco Product Manager

Cisco Champions
Sam O’Daniel, @startupitguy, Owner & Chief Consultant at The Startup IT Guy
Jonathan Davis, @subnetwork, Network Planning Analyst

What is Cisco Meraki?
What differentiates Cisco Meraki from other products
The thinking behind the Meraki Product Line
Customers who would benefit from Meraki
How Meraki is licensed and how that works in scale

skutzer it’s nine o clock – Time for Cisco Champion Radio
@gallifreyan Do we each get a free AP for attending this episode of Cisco Champion Radio?
wifijanitor MR34 is what I heard
@gallifreyan I’m probably ordering one on employee discount soon…
skutzer totally recommend a Meraki AP for Home Office! Have one with a VPN Concentrator to our Company and our Enterprise SSID at home! Awesome Feature!
ghostinthenet is logged into the chat
@gallifreyan I have a blog post on rsts11.com about using the software concentrator and MR12 as a VPN endpoint without MX.
CommsNinja @gallifreyan Haven’t gotten it into the contract. You think I could hoodwink AJ if that were on demand?
skutzer or join a Webcast and you get one free!
skutzer can send a link
CommsNinja @skutzer – SHHH it’s a SEKRET
@gallifreyan skutzer: I already got one and am probably not eligible anymore. And that’s only MR12.
skutzer We have a MS320-48 as Core Switch at one of our customers and they are excited about it!
ghostinthenet I’m in the same position as @gallifreyan. The MR12 as a VPN endpoint sounds intriguing.
CommsNinja Her name was Aby Normal
skutzer They figured a MPLS Problem out, when they implemented it in their environment
skutzer @commsninja – thats secret???
@gallifreyan I’d like to hear the Meraki folks explain the licensing/renewal model for cloud management licenses… and what happens when the license expires.
skutzer @commsninja – not here in Germany…
@gallifreyan skutzer: I think she’s being silly.
ghostinthenet @commsninja Are you saying that I put an abnormal brain into a seven and a half foot long, fifty-four inch wide GORILLA?
@gallifreyan @ghostinthenet I’ve had dates like that before.
ghostinthenet @gallifreyan We’ve all been there.
@gallifreyan And when they add features, they come into the single-license-level model.
@gallifreyan are licenses tied to specific pieces of hardware, or just the number of hardware pieces?
@gallifreyan “tied to hardware” sounds like a license is permanently mapped to a serial number/hostid.
WackoRobie @gallifreyan agreed. buying quantity or specific hardware?
@gallifreyan I think the current speaker just clarified that, quantity per class of hardware.
CommsNinja All: Reminder – when you speak up indicate your first name
@gallifreyan What if I buy an AP on eBay… what could go wrong if I want to use a used AP (or other device)?
bwhaynes Q: Brad here. Can you give an overview of the CloudShark packet capture integration? What are some of the best practices to use that feature?
ghostinthenet Class of hardware beats tying it to the device.
@gallifreyan I believe the only time a serial number matters is that you enter it to make sure it’s not on someone else’s account.
@gallifreyan and if it is, you’re SOL.
ghostinthenet Hmm… chat doesn’t seem to like unicode.
ghostinthenet So be very careful buying on eBay… just in case the original customer hasn’t dropped the serial number.
@gallifreyan yep.
@gallifreyan I have an MR14 paperweight for that reason. Sometimes the original customer no longer exists even.
ghostinthenet Any ETA on when the Meraki products will be available through the Cisco distribution channels? My distributor still can’t get the product for me.
CommsNinja Any listeners have questions you want articulated?
@gallifreyan Brad (bwhaynes) wanted more info on CloudShark packet capture
@gallifreyan Jody (ghostinthenet) wanted to know about ordering Meraki through Cisco distribution
subnetwork Sam, you want to ask about packet capture?
@gallifreyan I (Rob, Gallifreyan) am curious about how license renewals and extensions work.
@gallifreyan I’m also kinda wondering what the feature diff (not volume diff) between MX60 and MX100
@gallifreyan oh, sorry, I was thinking MX60 vs MX80, not MX100.
@gallifreyan just went to the datasheet and realized.
@gallifreyan https://meraki.cisco.com/lib/pdf/meraki_datasheet_mx.pdf
@gallifreyan ah, mx80 has web cache too, I may have been looking at an older comparison page.
CommsNinja timing on ordering with Disti’s is often difficult to answer…. so while I don’t knwo specifically for Meraki, based on past experiences I’d guess ..
CommsNinja … we can’t discuss at this point
CommsNinja [That’s my guess]
@gallifreyan I like the Meraki MDM, and it’s free too. (Although I had to uninstall it to add my iPad to the work network MDM  )


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