tetration01Cisco Tetration Analytics

“Cisco Tetration Analytics provides pervasive and unprecedented visibility across the data center, via a mix of network/hardware sensors that monitor every single packet at line rate and server/software sensors with very low overhead (<1% CPU).”

Cisco Tetration Analytics Introduction by Rob Rademakers

“Tetration Analytics is an solution to monitoring, analyzing and replaying datacenter traffic. If you’ve had a attack a few weeks ago and a fix is available now, the traffic of the attack can be replayed to verify if the fix is working (awesome!).” … “Cisco Tetration Analytics is a new product which fits into Cisco’s datacenter portfolio. It’s an solution for a problem which exist for many many years: data analytics was never possible with this kind of detailed information. Everyone was looking for this information for the last 5 years and it finally came available, thanks to Cisco.” (Read Rob’s Blog.)

Want a Time Machine for your Datacenter? by Colin Lynch

“Over and above the obvious analogy of having complete visibility, It’s probably no co-incidence that Tetration was being launched on the 102nd floor of One World Observatory New York, as its main initial market is likely large financial institutions. Back in 2008 I was called in to do some work for huge investment bank that sadly went into administration, and while I was engaged I worked alongside a digital forensics team, that spent several years piecing together exactly what happened and accounting for all the banks financials and assets. I can only imagine how much that would have cost and the benefit to the administration process had they had a “digital forensics time machine” that could go back in history and show any information at any point to granular detail, and view or replay those flows that interested them. Well the Forensics module is just that.” (Read Colin’s Blog.)