If you’re headed to Cisco Live Barcelona and want to record a podcast, the Podcast Domain is back!

What: The Podcast Domain is a space dedicated to the community of podcasters who attend Cisco Live. We created it a few years ago as way to give folks a quieter space to do recordings.  We’ve got high-quality audio and technicians to help run things smoothly.  You just need to bring your podcasting voice.

Throughout the week we’ll be recording episodes of Cisco Champions Radio in addition to opening the space to the broader community.  Even if you’re not a podcaster you should stop by to hear this excellent group and any other podcasts being recorded.

We’re opening the space again to the community.  If you’re interested in utilizing this space we’ll work with you to get a kick-asterisks guest (if you need it) and find a time in the schedule that works for you.  Once you’ve made your recording you’ll receive the file to use as you please.

Where: The Podcast Domain will be in the World of Solutions, right near the entrance.  Bring your stickers, too, as we’ll host a sticker exchange.

If you’d like to record your podcast at Cisco Live Barcelona please fill out this form (ASAP!) so we can schedule you in.


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks