Intel MPI LibraryCisco is pleased to announce the intention to support the Intel MPI Library™ with usNIC on the UCS server and Nexus switches product lines over the ultra low latency Ethernet and routable IP transports, at both 10GE and 40GE speeds.

usNIC will be enabled by a simple library plugin to the uDAPL framework included in enterprise Linux distributions. The Intel MPI Library can utilize the usNIC uDAPL library plugin without any modifications to existing MPI applications.

Let me make this point absolutely clear: UCS customers will not need to modify or recompile their MPI applications to realize the speedup enabled by usNIC ultra-low latency Ethernet messaging. As such, the usNIC feature can also be used in binary-only ISV applications that utilize the Intel MPI Library.

Cisco consider this as an important undertaking to enable both enterprises and ISVs to benefit from standard Ethernet and routable IP deployments on modern ultra low latency fabrics for HPC applications in a sustainable fashion.

Stay tuned!


Jeff Squyres

The MPI Guy

UCS Platform Software