From celebrity guest speakers, once in a lifetime musical performances, and Cisco Security innovation, it was an incredible week at Cisco Live US 2024!

I’m here to give our #CiscoPartners a recap on at least one of these notable items, our Cisco Security announcements. Read on to hear about all the security innovation, what it means for partners, and what’s ahead together.

Catch up on Cisco Live

We’ve been on a roll with rapid innovation across the Cisco Security Cloud. Building on that momentum at Cisco Live, we shared a few big product announcements coming by end of calendar year or sooner. Make sure you check out the Partner Launch Experience for more details on the announcement goodness.

Taking Hypershield further

Launched in April, this groundbreaking product features a new distributed architecture integrating network and workload enforcement points under a unified management system. Now AMD Pensando Data Processing Units (DPUs) are available from leading vendors, including Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS).

Firewall growth

Firewall is the foundation for our Security Cloud. We’re offering price-performance leadership and AI-powered management with:

  • New Firewall 1200 Series eliminates the need to have multiple appliances for switches, routers and firewalls at enterprise branch locations.
  • Firewall Threat Defense 7.6 software release streamlines SD-WAN deployment.
  • New, AI-native management architecture, Security Cloud Control, will configure, manage and monitor the entire Cisco Security Cloud, beginning now with Cisco’s network security solutions.

Integration with Splunk

We’re bringing Splunk together with the Cisco Security Cloud to change the game for threat detection and incident response. Security is fundamentally a data problem. We’re solving that with new sources of telemetry and unparalleled network visibility with Meraki MX and XDR integration, plus a unified Security and Splunk app.

Enhancing the platform story

We’re eliminating point solutions with partnerships across the industry, including Google. We announced a collaboration between Cisco Secure Access with Google Chrome Enterprise browser, bringing the best of our browser security and Google’s cloud security together to help simplify security for our customers.

With Cisco’s unified, AI-driven, cross-domain security platform, customers will experience the balance of power tipping in favor of the defenders. With more value to customers, comes more value to you as a partner with greater profitability and growth. As a Cisco partner, you can also capture new, high-value, mission-critical service revenue.

What’s Ahead for Security + Partners

As our SVP of Partnerships & SMB, Rodney Clark said so well, “our success in the partner ecosystem relies on our ability to co-create solutions, co-innovate, and co-deliver value to our customers.”

I’m excited to spend some time next week at an event hosted by a critical member of our partner ecosystem, AWS. Cisco is a proud gold sponsor at AWS re:Invent in Philadelphia June 10-12. If you’re in town, join us for a fun social event on Monday, June 10 to gain deeper insights into the world of AWS and Cisco Security. If you are attending the event, stop by and see us at booth #1423 in the expo hall to chat with our security experts.

Following the conference, we’re also offering a virtual Immersion event about how Cisco Multicloud Defense on AWS adapts seamlessly to changes within a complex IT environment.

Finally, I shared with you back in April about our new Cisco Security Concierge Deal Support to protect deal registration and give you a “white glove” service. We’re continuing to provide partner offers aimed at a simplified experience and maximum profitability:

More to come as we roll these programs out in the coming weeks.

Thank you again to the 150+ partners and exhibitors who supported us this year at Cisco Live! Here’s to more “better together” moments as we close out Cisco’s fiscal year strong and take FY25 by storm.


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Brian Feeney

Vice President

Global Security Partner Sales