Digital transformation.

For Cisco and our partners, what lies behind those two words is immensely powerful.

Today’s digital transformation is in motion to revolutionize how we work, live, play, and learn. And together, with the right combination of partnerships and technology, we opened the door to endless opportunities.

Our first example is Connected Conservation. This is our joint initiative with Dimension Data, aimed at reducing the number of rhinos being poached in South Africa.


Watch this replay of CNN’s African Voices to learn more about Connected Conservation.


We’re proud of Connected Conservation for several reasons. Not only are we using technology to improve the world, it shows how we’re working side-by-side with partners to drive innovation and respond to challenges in this new digital era.


Putting cutting-edge technology in action

Using technology to save a species isn’t much different than using technology to improve healthcare, finance, government, manufacturing, and or any other industry. It’s all about understanding the problem or opportunity, defining the goal and impact, then aligning the right technology.

With the rhinos we wanted to proactively intervene and stop potential poachers entering the reserve illegally. We knew to accomplish this we’d have to do things differently and take a proactive approach to tracking and monitoring the people in the reserve. All of this needed to happen without physically touching the animals.

Working with Dimension Data we established a secure, reliable network that operates 24 hours daily across the entire game reserve. We enabled people on the ground to collaborate in real-time, securely. Staff can collect data on people and vehicles entering the game reserve, monitor their activity, and report suspicious activity to a national database. Next up we’ll use sensors and imaging to protect the rhinos with valuable insights, transparency and visibility.

Collaborating anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Monitoring and tracking activity. Using data and sensors to make better decisions. Seeing everything that’s going on. All over a secure network. Sound familiar? That’s digital transformation.


Your digital transformation story

The rhino species is millions of years old, and our solution protects them using the most advanced technology to date. Whether you want to save a species or address your industries’ business outcomes, we can help you make it happen.  Join us and discover how the best partnerships and technology are the foundation for how we connect people and devices in meaningful and secure ways.

In the meantime, watch the replay of CNN’s African Voices to hear from Bruce Watson, Dimension Data’s Group Executive, Global Cisco Alliance, on our commitment to this initiative.

And get involved in the conversation about protecting the rhino, use the hashtag #ConnectedConservation on your social channels.