Whether visiting a mom n’ pop shop on Main Street or a luxury store on Fifth Avenue—customers will come in asking for relevant, personalized experiences. Customers expect retailers to engage them in a highly tailored and consistent manner across both physical and digital channels. That’s where in-store Wi-Fi comes in. By embracing in-store Wi-Fi, retailers can gather accurate insights into in-store customer behavior and connect with shoppers in meaningful ways.

The Prada Group, a worldwide leader in the luxury goods sector, knew that their customers expected quality and style from their products. But, they also demand quality and style when it comes to in-store experience. The Prada Group decided to deploy an in-store Wi-Fi solution that provided more capabilities than just basic customer connectivity. They set a goal to build the foundation for their digital transformation process.

Cloud4Wi says…

With more than 500 retail stores across the globe, The Prada Group recognized that providing internet was no easy task. They needed an easy to manage service that delivered a consistent customer experience. Their customers expected the same quality and style with their internet as with they did with Prada’s luxury goods.

Cloud4Wi was able to deliver just that. We deployed our enterprise-grade product suite for guest Wi-Fi, location analytics and location-based marketing. The cloud-based suite allows Wi-Fi access to customers using their own social media accounts, which also facilitates greater social sharing.

Once customers are signed in, The Prada Group matches each customer device with a unique digital identity to create a new customer profile. Then, they use the in-store Wi-Fi to collect insights on a customers digital and in-store footprint. With this empowered information, The Prada Group transforms in-store customer experiences. For example, a sales associate can be notified when a repeat-customer walks into a store, providing better customer service and attention.

But Cloud4Wi’s suite couldn’t work without the hardware. Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi infrastructure set the foundation for the suite, enabling customers to easily access the Wi-Fi network, without installing new clunky hardware.

Now, The Prada Group can deliver secure, easy-to-use Wi-Fi across all stores, while capturing a more personalized view of their customer to make more insightful business decisions.

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