Did you know that Cisco created the Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle (Cisco SDL) to ensure that security is central through the entire product development process? Cisco SDL is a repeatable and measurable process we’ve designed to fortify the resiliency and trustworthiness of our offerings.

Are your customers aware of this foundational security?

Did you know that Cisco builds-in security technologies that provide anti-counterfeit and anti-tampering capabilities, and trust anchor technologies into many of our latest-generation platforms?  These technologies enhance the security and trustworthiness of the products and the overall network infrastructure.

Security should not be bolted on as an afterthought, but built-in to your customer’s infrastructure. While Cisco has the largest portfolio of security products and services, we also build security into networking devices like switches, routers and other IT products.

There couldn’t be a more important time for our partners and their customers to understand the importance of Cisco’s commitment to security and trust across the network.  It is no longer a matter of if, but when a hack will occur. And the potential risks to your customer could be overwhelming – upwards of $575 Billion. Your customers need to be able to trust the technologies in their networks, and building trustworthy systems is at the heart of our security commitment.  As customers refresh aging infrastructure, they should be aware of the many Cisco products with built-in security features that provide platform integrity and reduce cyber risk.

Cisco CEO, Chuck Robbins discussed the requirement for trust and security in his recent blog about the WEF’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. “As we think about this new world, and the interwoven systems that are being created, a new level of trust is required — beyond anything in our history. We must trust the systems that manage and process the data, the people and partners who access the data, and the fundamental technologies and processes that protect the data.”

Next week at Partner Summit, you will hear more about Cisco’s commitment to security and trust throughout the three day event in San Diego. This includes how Cisco develops and delivers trustworthy products, how we build security and trust into our global business and relationships with our customers and partners. Our customers need this level of security because they depend on Cisco to keep their business running with high-quality products that they can trust.

To find out more about this commitment, visit the Trust and Transparency Center.

Partners, to learn more about Cisco Security products for you customers, visit the ‘For Partners’ tab on the Cisco Security page.

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Anthony Grieco

SVP & Chief Security & Trust Officer

Security and Trust Organization