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On the eastern edge of Queensland, Australia, tucked between the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, sits Brisbane – home to 2.5 million residents and counting. A river weaves through the city on three sides, and the weather is notoriously sunny and warm.

It’s no wonder the area lands at the top of so many must-visit lists and why Brisbane Airport is one the region’s busiest. The airport brings $4 billion in economic opportunity to the area each year. And, in 2018, it served 23.4 million passengers on 33 airlines out of two major terminals, en route to 83 destinations. All while housing more than 480 businesses, 23,000 staff and running non-stop, 24/7.

With these numbers steadily climbing, airport officials planned to open a new runway and expand passenger amenities and services. They knew they needed to update their aging digital infrastructure with a new system that could grow as the needs of the airport grew.

The biggest challenge? The airport had a limited window to make system-wide changes. The transformation would have to happen with minimal disruptions – on the ground and in the air.

They turned to technology integration specialists Yell IT and their partners at Cisco for help.

Yell IT says…

Together, Yell IT and Cisco redesigned the airport’s data centers, upgrading to powerful 40 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that brought faster, more reliable connectivity throughout the airport. Airport officials leading the efforts praised the successful, “ninja-like” implementation and smooth upgrades for its key operating systems.

And passengers, now and in the future, can look forward to a more convenient, high-end travel experience, from take-off to landing.

Talk about a ticket to paradise.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

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