With Cisco’s innovation engine and your unique capabilities, together we are a force multiplier and nothing can stand in our way. Sounds great, right? But what does it mean and HOW do we get there?

Well… by now you know that digital business is here to stay and it involves flexing a new muscle – selling to new lines of business, or buying centers. Cisco and our traditional resellers have been selling to IT for years.  So how do you pivot and reach these new buyers?

Hint: to drive sales into new buying centers, your success depends on learning how to identify and monetize new opportunities with your customers leveraging Cisco’s valuable ecosystem of partners. Engaging with ecosystem partners will help you drive both horizontal architecture and industry solutions sales.

Where Do You Begin?

We simplified the process to start you on your journey to monetization. It is all about combining powerful partnerships with proven best practices to boost your sales.

  1. Know HOW to drive monetization and grow with ecosystem partners shared here in Win more business with Ecosystem Sales Acceleration.
  2. Know WHO to partner with, recently shared in my blog Power Your Success With Ecosystem Partners.

For a quick overview,check out the new Know HOW and Know WHO video.

Partner Xperience @ Cisco Live Orlando

The steps are easy but putting it into practice means we have to evolve the way we sell. If you are in Orlando next week attending Cisco Live, I am presenting on this topic as part of Partner Xperience agenda. Join me there and/or stop by the Partner Sales Acceleration booth (#1967) inside the World of Solutions and learn how to leverage new partner sales best practices.

If you are a reseller partner, this is a great opportunity for you to meet with ecosystem partners to discuss potential solutions and how to go-to-market together.

If you are an ecosystem partner, this is a great opportunity for you to build scale by meeting with targeted reseller partners.

For more on what you will find in the booth, schedule meetings in the Acceleration Corner, and how to join Ecosystem Tours in the World of Solutions, visit the Partner Sales Acceleration hub with all details. (Cisco SalesConnect login required)

Post-Cisco Live:  Steps to Begin Monetizing

What happens if you cannot attend Cisco Live?  No problem, you can:

  1. Browse through our online catalog on SalesConnect;
  2. Find the sales best practice that is right for you; and
  3. Contact your Cisco Partner Account Manager OR connect with us on Cisco SalesConnect at co/Partner-Acceleration to get started.

We look forward to helping you begin your journey to monetization!


Kashif Abbasi

Senior Director, Partner Sales Acceleration

Global Partner Organization