This blog was written in conjunction with Bruce “Doc” Watson, Group Executive – Global Cisco Alliance at NTT Ltd. We’re both proud of the partnership between Cisco and NTT in order to accomplish what we’ve done so far, and we’re thrilled it’s being recognized.

Several months ago, we brought you an update (April 2019) about our Connected Conservation solution, and the important work that Cisco and Dimension Data (now NTT) have jointly undertaken leveraging our technology and experience to protect endangered species in Africa. I thought I’d share a few more photos scattered throughout this latest blog too.

 We are thrilled to share the news that Fortune Magazine has recognized NTT and our joint efforts and contributions toward global conservation by highlighting this solution on their highly prestigious Change the World list. Fortune recognizes companies that apply their creative business tools to help the planet and tackle society’s unmet needs.

Journalists from Fortune Magazine evaluated our work based on a variety of factors including the innovation of our solution, the reach and durability of our solution’s impact, and the integration of social responsibility into our respective corporate strategies.

Our relationship together is built upon a common and shared tenet – Corporate Social Responsibility is core to who we are. Not only do we leverage technology to innovate for our clients, but we also use many of the same solutions to address complex and socially impactful global issues.

This honor is a testament to the power of our joint solution as well as our long-standing and deeply rooted partnership. But this is just the beginning. Both of our companies share a joint resolve and commitment to envisioning The Art of the Possible and to accelerating our momentum in co-innovation across diverse industries including financial services, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare.

As we look forward, we will continue to deliver world-class business outcomes to our clients, while solving some of the world’s largest challenges that deliver social, community and environmental benefits as well.

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Chris Panzeca

Senior Director

Global Strategic Partner Sales