One of your customers’ top priorities IS securing their network.

By now you’re more than versed with the pitfalls of security vulnerabilities and you’re using that knowledge every day to educate your customers. Have you seen how focused we are on security? You could say we’ve become passionate about it. We’ve changed our philosophy beyond just point products by baking that security intelligence throughout the entire network.


As Wendy Bahr mentioned in her blog, we live in a hyper-connected digital environment that requires different thinking for protection throughout the network and all phases of the attack. The threat landscape is real, hackers are smart and they will do everything in their power to exploit vulnerabilities. It’s both terrifying and amazing this has become our new reality. The positive is that Cisco’s threat centric architecture approach has proven so effective that we are winning customer praise, industry awards and analyst recognition!

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Now is the time to act.

These awards are giving us momentum that we need to capitalize on, and it’s presenting partners and Cisco alike, with an opportunity. An opportunity to educate customers and ultimately increase relationships with them through trust. Data is a precious commodity not only as your customers’ lifeblood, but as currency for hackers. Now is the time to expand your security practices, and we want to help! Use the Engage suite to reach your customers through campaigns and spark conversations with your customers to protect their networks.


Not sure where to start?

Start with the campaigns, programs and promotions in Partner Marketing Central. If you have marketing funds available use them to create demand with new or expanded campaigns. Enlist the guidance of our marketing experts and visit Marketing Velocity to brush up on your marketing skills through training courses and the wide breadth of best practices to pull from.


Wendy also cited that famous line from Jerry Maguire, “Help me, help you.” I think another phrase from that movie also applies, “Show me the money!” (Probably not to your customers!). In the coming months, Cisco security will continue to gain momentum. Through multiple industry events and our continued focus on security. Now is the time to engage your customers. I would also ask that you help us, help you by sharing the positive news and awareness garnered with your customers. Use this to your advantage, and win with Cisco.


As a parting thought, remember that your security practice is so much more than a transaction. You’re creating a trust network based on a foundation of confidence in you and Cisco. Thank you for the partnership!

I welcome your feedback and questions.