It’s a really exciting day for all of us in the Service Provider Business as we are formally disaggregating the Cisco IOS XR operating system. You can read specific details about this in Sumeet Arora’s blog here.

Our disaggregation story continues to build momentum, and it’s great to see Cisco continuing to lead in operating systems, virtualization, and disaggregation. A few years ago, we disaggregated our enterprise campus/branch routing with our ENCS platform and virtual versions of Cisco IOS XE, and this week my colleague Sachin Gupta is announcing further enhancements to this, which you can read about from his team here.  Likewise, the Cisco Nexus OS is fully disaggregated for data center switching, which Roland Acra provides details about here.

We’ve been very bold in our leadership in SDN, automation, and virtualization. Consider our involvement in open source with the Linux Foundation’s OpenDaylight, Open Networking Operating System (ONOS), FD.io to name a few. We aggressively disrupted ourselves with the virtualization of our packet core,  and are proactively disaggregating our cable platforms and leading the push for new industry standards. We are now offering flexible consumption models for the Cisco IOS XR operating system with open APIs, and the availability for it to run on select third-party hardware platforms.

Cisco IOS XR continues to lead as the best carrier-class operating system in the world.  It is modular, open, proven and supportive of hundreds of use cases. Today we continue to expand its capabilities and go-to-market motion. I couldn’t be more proud and excited about this milestone.


Yvette Kanouff

Senior Vice President/General Manager

Service Provider Business