The following is a joint statement from Cisco and Arista regarding the existing litigation:

“Cisco and Arista have come to an agreement which resolves existing litigation and demonstrates their commitment to the principles of IP protection. They have agreed that, with limited exceptions, no new litigation will be brought over patents or copyrights related to existing products, for five years. In addition, for three years, they will use an arbitration process to address any patent issues regarding new products. As part of this agreement, Arista will be making a $400 million payment to Cisco, is committed to maintaining the product modifications it made as a result of previous rulings, and will be making limited changes to further differentiate its user interfaces from Cisco’s. Arista and Cisco will continue to seek appellate court review of the scènes à faire verdict in the earlier trial regarding legal protection for user interfaces.”


Mark Chandler

Retired | Executive Vice President

Chief Legal and Compliance Officer