Cisco has a long history of using technology to connect the world and change lives for the better. Our brand is all about the connections that make anything possible—and it continues to come to life in new and exciting ways.

The stories are many: Together with Dimension Data, we were able to reduce rhino poaching by 96% in South Africa. After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, we partnered with NetHope to restore connectivity to 250,000 people. And every year, we inspire girls around the globe to get excited about technology with our Girls Power Tech program. In 2017 alone, our employees mentored 5,763 girls and devoted 15,000 hours.

Cisco Networking Academy is yet another way we are empowering possibilities.

Networking Academy is committed to educating the next-generation of talent with the technology skills needed to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. In FY17, more than 1.3 million people enrolled across 180 countries, and 24% were female. Some countries had female participation rates over 40%, such as Peru, United Arab Emirates, and Nigeria.

There are so many amazing success stories that have come out of Networking Academy. Chiara Pietra of Buenos Aires gained hands-on networking experience that fueled a passion for IT she didn’t even know she had. Soso Luningo of South Africa channeled a hard life to land her IT job with the directive, “Just tell your boss to hire me and I’ll tell you what VLANs are.” And Rebecca Baca of New Mexico went from struggling single mom to senior network engineer who now gives back by hiring other students to work on her team.

Although distance, language, and custom separate these women, their stories have a common thread of empowerment. Women stepping up with confidence and acquiring the skills they need to thrive in the tech industry.

True to the Cisco brand, this program is building the innovative connections that make a positive impact in the world. Read more about Chiara, Soso, Rebecca and many others and be inspired.



Karen Walker

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer