Since its genesis, Cisco has sought to apply our technology and resources to positively impact people around the world, working closely with our partners and customers to do so. Whether it’s reskilling people through the Network Academy, saving Rhinos from poachers in South Africa, or providing connectivity in emergencies – there are so many examples that embody our brand vision: securely connecting everything to make anything possible.

This week we launched an effort with our Corporate Social Responsibility team to share and amplify the stories of the amazing work our partners and customers are doing with Cisco technology.

The first story is of how, together with our partner NetHope, we restored critical connectivity to 250,000 Puerto Ricans after the devastation of Hurricane Maria to help in the restoration of normalcy. To learn more about the story, please watch the video below.

If you would like to contribute to these efforts, please click here to donate to NetHope. If you are a Cisco employee and would like to contribute, please donate through Brightfunds here, so that Cisco can match your donation.

Stay tuned for more stories like that of NetHope that showcase how, together with our partners and customers, we can make a positive impact in the world. Because doing good is intuitive.