For over a year now, organizations big and small, across every industry, have grappled with radical disruption. We all know the story. Virtually overnight, organizations faced an immediate transition from their standard operating approach to a completely remote model. This created ripple effects across IT organizations as they deciphered how to scale secure remote access to their networks, maintain critical business operations, and enable collaboration and innovation from anywhere.

Now as we enter a new phase of the future of work, companies are evaluating technologies to help them not only return to office safely, but also invest rapidly in digital-first models. In fact, 75 percent of companies in the U.S. now plan to accelerate their technology transformation.

This is the time to consider how your organization’s needs will evolve and begin planning for those changes. The breadth and depth of our portfolio help customers connect their people, secure their organizations, and automate their infrastructure to accelerate their digital agility in a cloud-first world. We’re delivering new innovations like the ability to gain greater visibility on physical space usage with DNA Spaces – IT and business leaders gain insight into how customers and employees are interacting and ultimately optimizing their investments. The completely new Webex delivers touchless meeting experiences and connects employees seamlessly from anywhere and on any device. And we’re helping customers build completely new, modern architectures with Cisco Smart Buildings – sustainable, secure, and trusted.

Cisco along with our global partner community is uniquely positioned to help businesses during times like these. Our innovative portfolio offers an array of choices to mitigate unexpected challenges and speed all of us out of crisis and into recovery. Our commitment to help customers reach new levels of scalability, security, and resiliency—with solutions to enable Secure Remote Work and create a Trusted Workplace — remains firm.

We’ve been a trusted technology partner for the last 35 years. We look forward to being your trusted technology partner for the next 35 years. Through the good times, the bad times… and the totally unpredictable times, we’re ready to work with you to meet your business objectives and thrive in years to come.

To learn more about Cisco, our solutions, and the ways in which we help our customers, visit:  https://cisco.com/go/futureofwork


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Ish Limkakeng


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