We celebrated 25 years of CiscoLive last week in San Francisco, with more than 25,000 people attending (live) to learn more about the power of the Internet of Everything and the value it will bring for years to come.

My favorite part… a ‘dancing’ John Chambers as an intro and close to his opening keynote kicked off the event Monday afternoon.  He focused on IoE as a movement that will be enabled by Fast IT and that change is a constant in business.  He stressed that those who do not change fast enough will not survive.  And, he noted that only 24 percent of the Fortune 500 companies still reside on that list from just 25 years ago.

Rob Lloyd, Cisco president of development and sales, complimented John’s keynote with his own the next day, adding that FastIT is based on Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Intercloud.

Cisco is the number one infrastructure provider for private clouds, and aspires to be the number one provider of hybrid cloud, an infrastructure solution offering lower TCO with higher security standards.  Cisco announced that it will partner with cloud providers to increase the intellectual property of the offering and further its global reach.

Some cool new products were also unveiled, including the Cisco DX80 and Cisco DX70, new desktop collaboration tools designed for mass appeal with their sleek look and ease of use.

It was a proud week to be part of Cisco and share all that we did with our customers, partners and employees.  As one of my colleagues said, CiscoLive is like our own “Super Bowl” to be experienced and enjoyed by all.  I could not agree more and to that I say for the week, it was one big touchdown for Cisco!

Click here for a short video of conference highlights, and here for a compilation of daily videos.


Laura Fay

Vice President

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)