Co-Authors: Frank Palumbo, SVP, Global Data Center & Enterprise Networking Sales and Kristine A. Snow, SVP, Cisco Capital

We’ve previously written about how companies can overcome financial limitations and develop organizational agility with Open Pay financing from Cisco Capital. Today, we want to show an example of how Open Pay’s unique features have enabled Insight Enterprises to adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of technology acquisition and maintenance in the digital age.

Unlike other variable consumption models, Open Pay fuels scalability and organizational flexibility through a metered approach to monitoring usage – a technical feat that only Cisco has been able to employ for converged infrastructure, storage, routing and switching solutions. With the combination of metered usage and scalable financial capacity, organizations can financially pivot with agility and flexibility only rivaled by professional athletes.

No wonder Open Pay has become a solid part of the technological backbone of several organizations since it was first launched in April 2015. One early adopter was Insight Enterprises.

Insight Enterprises is a Cisco and Cisco Capital customer, partner and value added reseller of IT technologies and services. The ability to innovate and showcase how Insight leverages its own technological investments is a top priority for the company, particularly since it allows Insight to show customers how to achieve their business objectives. Think of the cobbler’s children that have the shoes, for a change.

Watch the video to see how Open Pay enabled Insight Enterprises to provide the flexibility and agility they were looking for, while addressing technology refresh and financial goals.

Cisco Capital Video

With Open Pay’s variable consumption model, Insight was able to simultaneously

  • Reduce time to market from over 60 days to hours,
  • Improve budget predictability, and
  • Drive a regular three-year technology refresh.

With Open Pay’s metered approach, organizations can better align infrastructure costs to actual usage – saving time and money while increasing operating efficiency. Companies can prepare for both anticipated and unexpected demand spikes with less risk and increased elasticity, as demonstrated by Insight.

“Open Pay from Cisco Capital has enabled Insight to provide both consumption (capacity on demand) and financial flexibility that is missing in most private/hybrid cloud deployments,” said Carlos Sotero, Insight’s IT Director, “it enables us to have additional capacity already on the data center floor that can be provisioned within minutes and paid for with flexible terms.”

Want to learn more about how Open Pay can help increase flexibility for your company technology infrastructure like it helped Insight? Start by talking to a Cisco Capital representative.


Frank Palumbo

Senior Vice President

Global Data Center Sales