Cisco innovations have driven the Internet far beyond its original purpose to a network that can handle voice, video, cloud, and mobile services. Now we’re seeing a new Internet on the horizon – the Internet of Everything. In fact by 2017 IP traffic is estimated to grow to 1.4 zettabytes as more programmable devices such as smart phones, tablets, and sensor or machine-driven traffic rapidly come on line. Consider this – just this week there will be more than 26 million new programmable devices added to the Internet or twice the entire population of Mumbai.

This means that managing bandwidth growth isn’t enough anymore. The network must evolve to a multidimensional network, scaling to effectively manage machine-driven events, support ultra, high-definition video applications, and enable new custom-made services. It must also scale up and down with elasticity and be highly programmable, while integrating seamlessly with today’s network, data centers, and applications.

It’s a tall order, but we’re ready today with the announcement of the only such system on the planet. We call it the Network Convergence System—or Cisco NCS. This system will become the central nervous system of IoE, working in conjunction with existing products such as the ASR 9000 Series and the CRS as the network fabric.


The result? New possibilities for service providers to create fresh revenue models, simplify operations, and deliver new experiences.

The NCS includes the NCS 6000, NCS 4000, and NCS 2000, now part of our Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) portfolio. We’ve coupled it with our Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE), a solution that helps networks become more open, programmable and application-aware. We’ve also powered it with our recently announced Cisco nPower X1, the first chip ever built with a multi-terabit silicon architecture that is also included in the NCS 6000 and CRS-X.

Service providers now have the opportunity to play a central role in enabling new and unique experiences by building on their current infrastructure with NCS. In addition, NCS opens up a new networking dimension allowing operators to leverage network intelligence for greater revenue streams.

Ready to learn more about the NCS family? Register here to join us on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 0800 PDT / 1100 EDT for a Cisco Knowledge Network event “Building a Network for the Internet of Everything.”


Surya Panditi

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Service Provider Routing Group