Innovative new partner modules built on the Cisco Observability Platform across five critical themes: Business Insights, SAP Visibility, Networking, MLOps & SLO, and Sustainability

We are pleased to announce seven new partner modules have been built on the Cisco Observability Platform, further bringing the vision of a Cisco Full-Stack Observability ecosystem to life. These new modules are focused on five critical areas — Business Insights, SAP Visibility, Networking, Machine learning operations (MLOps) & Service Level Objectives (SLO) and Sustainability — and are designed to help organizations get value from observable telemetry data.

These five areas are important to our customers as they look to correlate business metrics with infrastructure and application performance, gain more visibility into the performance of mission-critical applications, and understand the relationship between network performance and applications. The new partner modules will also help customers surface insights in areas of competitive differentiation, including generative AI in modern applications and sustainability.

It’s exciting to see our strong partner community bring their expertise in these areas to the Cisco Observability Platform. They are rallying around and extending the Cisco Full-Stack Observability ecosystem with new and custom use cases, delivering added value for our customers.

Building a Full-Stack Observability ecosystem

Today, virtually all businesses are digitally led: they deliver experiences with applications and through applications. However, the environments in which these applications are built are increasingly complex. IT and security teams as well as business leaders must be able to observe all aspects of performance and to tie that performance to clear business outcomes.

There are numerous barriers to observability. For example, a recent IDC report indicates that 60% of IT professionals are concerned that most observability tools are too narrowly focused and fail to give them a complete view into current and trending operating conditions. Additionally, 65% say they want a programmable and extensible observability solution that can be leveraged for use cases specific to their environment.

This calls for a platform that scales as businesses scale and easily extends across the infrastructure and lifecycle of their applications. Leaders need complete visibility, context, and control so they can ensure their employees, business partners, and customers are empowered with the best digital experiences possible.

Cisco Observability Platform is the only vendor-agnostic, entity-based observability platform in the market. It has been built from day-one to leverage open standards, anchored on telemetry coming from any endpoint across any domain.

The open, extensible, API-driven architecture of Cisco Observability Platform enables the creation of an observability ecosystem. It also allows development partners to build novel observability solutions and realize new revenue streams from those solutions.

New partner modules now available

The modules — plugin-like extensions — our development partners create on the Cisco Observability Platform enable additional capabilities within Cisco Full-Stack Observability solutions. Today’s newly released modules, which are available now on the Cisco Observability Platform exchange, showcase how we’re empowering a community that creates more insightful, useful observability applications.

  • Evolutio has made it easier to correlate and monitor orders, shipping, and payments to identify and resolve issues with applications and infrastructure with eCommerce module.
  • DataRobot and Evolutio extends observability with monitoring and production diagnostics to track and improve performance of both predictive and generative AI models.
  • Evolutio’s Claims module helps insurance carriers correlate and view the health of claims processes by product types, underwriters, regions, and business units.
  • CloudFabrix SAP Observability module can ingest data from Cisco AppDynamics SAP Monitoring, correlating it to asset types to isolate root cause and determine the effect of impacted services on the business.
  • CloudFabrix Campus Analytics module makes it possible to aggregate Cisco DNA Controller analytics to deliver campus return-to-work insights.
  • Nobl9 SLO module helps define and create Service Level Objectives (SLOs) around reliability and remaining error budget for given services and workload visualizations.
  • Climatiq has introduced carbon emissions tracking to existing cloud metrics, with Cloud Carbon Insights, including analysis, comparison, and benchmarking for data.

In addition, we’re announcing two more modules that will be available soon:

  • Aporia MLOps module offers a holistic view of ML model performance and empowers teams to swiftly identify, dive deeper into, and resolve issues faster.
  • Cisco CX’s Sustainability Insights provides real-time interactive visualizations, measurement, estimation, and reporting of key infrastructure sustainability indicators, trended over time.

We’re excited to continue working with our partners to build and provide new and unique use cases to our customers that help them achieve their specific business needs — no matter where they are on their observability journeys.


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Ronak Desai

Senior Vice President & GM

AppDynamics & Full-Stack Observability