Everyone loves “year in review” articles, slideshows and wraps, right? Well, I do. Cisco’s fiscal year ends July 26, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to give our fiscal year in review for the Cisco Social Media team and all the great content that we produce week-in and week-out.

We created and run “The Network: Cisco’s Technology News Site.” This is where we have great journalists writing stories about the impact that technology has on your life or your business. We also create short, informative videos that highlight Cisco Innovators, our Leadership team, and other video series like “My Networked Life” or “City of the Future: Songdo, Korea.” And, whether you are a customer or partner…or are just interested in technology, we invite you and encourage you to take our content for your own site and re-use it or share it.

Last August, we launched our monthly digital magazine entitled “Focus.” Each month we do a deep dive on technology topics that we care about and that the industry cares about. You can see all the issues here.

Our Top 3 Issues this year:
1.       Technology in Education
2.       Women in Tech, and

3.   Internet of Everything

As gauged by page views, Twitter and LinkedIn shares, Facebook likes and other social activity, some of our most popular “Focus” articles this year were:

Bob Pittman Trailblazer  – Video issue

Cyber Security Test your Knowledge –  Security issue

Changing Role of the CSO – Security issue

Rising Tides of Ed Tech – Tech Ed issue

Human Body as Interface – IoE issue

Smart Farming on the Vine – IoE issue

All this effort comes from a small, but mighty social media communications team and I thank goodness that Cisco is lucky enough to have them. They are all talented professionals who “bring it” each and every day. Thanks especially to Joie Healy, Karen Snell, Kirsten Chiala, Alex Romano, Lindsay Kniffin, Kati Dahm, and Mary Bradburne.

Thank you all, dear reader, for continuing to read our content, share our content and GROW our social media footprint. The “Big 3” (Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook) corporate social channels for Cisco now have nearly 1.8 MILLION followers. If you haven’t already joined us, please do so at Twitter.com/Cisco, or Facebook.com/Cisco, or linkedin.com/company/cisco. Thanks for a great (fiscal) year!


John Earnhardt

No Longer at Cisco