Outshift by Cisco is rapidly accelerating its product offerings for customers in the generative AI space to meet enterprises’ growing technological and security compliance AI demands. Two of these exciting generative AI offerings announced at Cisco Live 2024 Amsterdam are now part of Cisco’s existing cloud application security solution, Panoptica.

Our latest launch announcements at Cisco Live include industry-first, context-aware Cisco AI Assistant and GenAI Protection. This is in addition to an in-demand feature for a strong cloud app security posture: Data Security Posture Management (DSPM). Keep reading for more details on how these innovations are strengthening Panoptica’s value for our customers’ Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) needs.

Introducing Cisco’s First Context-Aware AI Assistant

As companies ramp up their investments in generative AI, most enterprises are grappling with the complexity of navigating endless tools, assistants, and resources. All these options quickly lead to prompt engineering fatigue. What these solutions lack is context — which takes out the complexity and drives more insights into what matters most to business application developers.

Outshift is thrilled to announce its first context-aware Cisco AI Assistant. This Generative AI-based assistant for Panoptica is an intelligent advisor for your cloud native application security needs. Our AI Assistant can provide custom help on cloud application security best practices and on using Panoptica most effectively.

The AI assistant can provide, via everyday language, instant custom assistance in understanding, prioritizing, investigating, and remediating your specific security issues. So, you can ask things like “What are my most important vulnerabilities?” and “Help me understand this attack path and how to fix it.” Consequently, it has awareness and intelligence about your live environment including all the data Panoptica tracks about your posture, vulnerabilities, and attack paths.

More excitingly, this Generative AI-based UI has a “lens-like” interface feature that lets you get answers scoped to whatever part of the Panoptica UI that you focus the “lens” on (including detailed Attack Paths), saving you the trouble of rephrasing that context yourself.

And it does all this with an architecture that follows the principles of Responsible AI. For example, the Cisco AI Assistant for Panoptica does not let your Panoptica data be retained by any large language model.

Mitigating GenAI Security Risks

As the AI landscape grows exponentially, so do the security risks associated with introducing these new GenAI solutions.

Outshift would like to introduce you to GenAI Protection, an LLM security and protection suite inside Panoptica. This protection suite helps organizations guard their Generative AI-based applications from the top risk vectors targeted towards LLMs, as defined by industry-leading security frameworks including Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) Top Ten, MITRE, NIST, and others.

With our GenAI Protection, organizations can better understand training and fine-tuning data, models and artifacts such as AI Bill of Materials (AI BOM) vulnerabilities, or infusing model inference such as prompt inject and insecure prompt handling. Simply put, it detects malicious prompts made by users, blocks them, and reports them in Panoptica, as part of API security.

Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) capabilities for CNAPP and Gen AI needs

As part of its focus on being a security solution for code to cloud, Panoptica provides seamless scalability across clusters and multi-cloud environments and powers users to garner the visibility, context, and insights they need to better understand the most critical risks in these environments.

Panoptica’s DSPM solution enriches the ability to accurately assess the criticality of attack paths discovered with more granular detail than ever before, extending the attack path out to data sources. These DSPM capabilities deliver context with a higher degree of prioritization and classification based on content and heuristics, which provides deeper scanning of more services and data inventories, to help teams better visualize and assess the sensitivity of specific assets in their cloud.

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Vijoy Pandey

Senior Vice President

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