At last year’s Cisco Partner Summit, our CEO Chuck Robbins described how the rise of the internet in the 90s fundamentally changed the way businesses work. The invention of e-commerce completely disrupted how we purchase and sell goods – and now, our current digital transformation changes something deeper, something at the core of our society.

In a culture fueled by technology, innovations like social media have gone as far as reshaping our lexicon by redefining the words ‘share,’ ‘like,’ and even ‘friend.’ But technological innovations create new communication and working methods that impact our society every day. Look in any conference room or data center and you will see a variety of Cisco products supporting a vast number of thriving, innovative organizations from consumer technology brands to education and healthcare. If you think a lot has changed in the past ten years – just wait for the next ten.

We pride ourselves on partnering with the organizations, companies, and innovators that work tirelessly in the present to shape tomorrow. With Cisco and Cisco Capital offerings, our customers and partners gain a competitive advantage despite a multitude of variables resulting from the digital shift. Whether supplying organizations with technology – hardware, software and services – to construct an infrastructure primed for innovation, or offering tailored, customer-focused financial solutions, we aim to help organizations prepare for the future and solve any challenges that come their way.

Organizations can prepare for (or get ahead of) change by starting data-driven discussions around flexible payment options – opening up opportunities to rapidly scale and accelerate technology adoption. Solutions like Open Pay enable customers to adjust payment plans to their specific usage, unlocking new pockets of capital previously tied to technology ownership. Ultimately, it is about building stronger relationships with our customers and partners to make transformation simple and accessible for a wide range of industries and companies.

In a series of upcoming blog posts, we will discuss several tools that Cisco Capital has created to help companies adapt to the times of digital transformation and innovate at speeds that have yet to be realized. Topics include:

  1. Consumption-based solutions
    Understand how to align investments to operational and financial objectives while preserving capital.
  2. Hardware subscription
    Discover the benefits of partial- and full-subscription payment solutions.
  3. Software enablement for a new generation
    Learn more about how the software acquisition experience can be simplified, with built-in affordability.

Cisco Capital makes it easy for partners to sell and for customers to acquire Cisco technology through consumption-based solutions, subscription-based hardware, and Enterprise Agreements with flexible payment options. Simply put, with these tools, organizations can accomplish their goals, prepare for the future, and gain a competitive advantage.



Kristine Snow


Cisco Capital