Yesterday at the Cisco Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China Partner-Led Network Conference that took place in Bangkok, we took the opportunity to announce the recipients of the Cisco Smart Service awards. The purpose of these awards is to recognise our partners and customers from the region who showed forward-thinking approaches in the delivery and integration of Cisco Smart Services. The winners were chosen for their innovation and expertise that enable “Smart Everywhere” for their end-users across the region.

The awards are divided up into three categories; partner awards – for partners who used Smart Services to accelerate growth of their services business; vendor awards – for vendors who have demonstrated innovation and operational excellence for Cisco Services; and customer awards – for those customers that have used Smart Services to fuel their business performance, efficiency and productivity.

The winners in each market and category were as follows:

Cisco Smart Services Partner Awards:

●       Data #3 for Australia and New Zealand

●       Joint winners X’IT Services Pte Ltd and Insung Information Co., Ltd. for Asia Pacific

●       Digital China for Greater China

●       Central Data Systems Pvt Ltd. for India

●       NETMARKS INC. for Japan

Cisco Smart Services Vendor Awards:

●       TNT Australia Pty Ltd. for Australia and New Zealand

●       Flextronics Penang (Technology) Sdn Bhd. for Asia Pacific

●       Foxconn Technology Group, Fu Hong Jie Technology Service Co., Ltd., for Greater China

●       DHL Supply Chain for India

●       CSK Serviceware Corporation for Japan

Cisco Smart Services Customer Awards:

●       Bank of China for Greater China

●       iYogi Technical Services Ltd. for India

Please join me in celebrating and congratulating the recipients of each award. Having been selected by Cisco APJC regional executives, each organisation has demonstrated a progressive approach to Cisco Smart Services.


Linda Horiuchi

Senior Manager, Australia and New Zealand PR