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Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Piston Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has fundamentally altered the IT landscape: dramatically boosting IT agility, while lowering costs. To realize the business advantages of cloud, organizations are shifting to a hybrid IT model—blending private cloud, public cloud, and on-premise applications.

To help customers maintain control and compliance in this hyper-connected, hyper-distributed IT environment, Cisco and its partners are building the Intercloud—a globally connected network of clouds. Today, Cisco is taking another important step towards realizing our ambitious Intercloud vision. We are pleased to announce our intent to acquire Piston Cloud Computing, which will help accelerate the product, delivery, and operational capabilities of Cisco Intercloud Services.

Paired with our recent acquisition of Metacloud, Piston’s distributed systems engineering and OpenStack talent will further enhance our capabilities around cloud automation, availability, and scale. The acquisition of Piston will complement our Intercloud strategy by bringing additional operational experience on the underlying infrastructure that powers Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud. Additionally, Piston’s deep knowledge of distributed systems and automated deployment will help further enhance our delivery capabilities for customers and partners.

To bring the world of standalone clouds together, Cisco and our partners are building the Intercloud. The Intercloud is designed to deliver secure cloud services everywhere in the world. Our enterprise-class portfolio of technology and cloud services gives customers the choice to build their own private clouds or consume cloud services from a trusted Intercloud Provider. The Intercloud provides choice of services, all with compliance and control. In a nutshell: we’re delivering cloud the way our customers need it.

Piston will join our Cloud Services team under the leadership of Faiyaz Shahpurwala, senior vice president, Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Services Organization.

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  7. Another exciting acquisition that I am sure will help to speed up our overall competitive advantage and bring confidence to our shareholders that we are on the right track!

  8. I’m delighted to announce that Cisco has completed the acquisition of Piston Cloud Computing. We welcome the team to the Cisco family!

  9. Hilton, Is it too early to comment on the number of personel coming on board?

  10. What is a cloud, I think a few years ago, oracle CEO of the following is the correct and cisco don’t understand
    So the markets have been delayed 2-3 years or more!

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said
    “The computer industry is the only industry
    that is more fashion-driven than women’ s fashion.” to a group of Oracle analysts. So let’s talk about what cloud computing is and tighten up our definition and
    understanding of this implementation.

  11. What is the reselling strategy that accompanies this acquisition and will there be partner enablement offered?

  12. awsome move by hilton and cisco 😉 !
    we get:
    1. openstack skillsets of thier people.
    2. PISTON openstack distro (the ‘coreOS’ yes, but also the customized openstack modules).
    1. will help AS
    2. will help sales to finally position a ‘cisco hypervisor’, a ‘cisco openstack’, orchestration etc etc ….

  13. Apart from Metacloud and Piston , do we have any other company as part of Cisco in Cloud services

  14. What is their revenue & customer base look like?

  15. When every SP and Enterprise is at some stage of cloud deployment, with this Piston Cloud acquisition i think we would be helping our customers for quick and easy deployment of Services. With this acquisition ease and speed of Cloud deployment will differentiate us from our competition.

  16. Hilton, Is it too early to comment on the number of personel coming on board?

  17. As a member of the Metacloud team, I’m really excited about this acquisition. The engineering talent that Piston will bring to Cisco is formidable, and the technology they bring is quite complimentary to what Metacloud brought. Together we’re going to be able to innovate faster, deliver a superior product, and provide an even better customer experience. We’re definitely gaining a competitive advantage by bringing them on board.

  18. It would be interesting to see how this can help provision and deploy the Business Intelligence solutions on Private Cloud for internal and external uses. Will watch out for more information

  19. CloudOS is part of the transaction, but it’s too early to discuss specific plans for how we will utilize the technology in the future

  20. Hilton, you mention the professional services talent assets moving to Cisco, but Piston also is (was) a product company. Will their Piston CloudOS be part of the transaction?