Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire ParStream

October 26, 2015 - 23 Comments

As the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality, it’s estimated that 50 billion devices and objects will be connected to the Internet by 2020. With this massive number of new connections, valuable data will be created at an even faster pace than most companies can manage. That’s why we are pleased to announce Cisco’s intent to acquire ParStream, a privately-held company based in Cologne, Germany that provides an analytics database that allows companies to analyze large amounts of data and store it in near real time anywhere in the network.

Speed is critical for helping companies to generate value from data in IoT environments. ParStream’s highly specialized database is built for IoT environments. It allows customers to compute and analyze large amounts of data at the edge in real time, with minimal infrastructure and operating costs at the edge. Using innovative compression and indexing capabilities, ParStream’s technology helps customers access data faster and at scale, rapidly analyzing and filtering billions of records and getting information to the business in near real-time. This acquisition complements Cisco’s current data and analytics portfolio, improving our ability to provide analytics at the edge of the network, where data is increasingly being generated and in huge volume. The value of IT has always been derived from the intelligence contained in data. Analytics are at the heart of Cisco’s strategy for a hyper distributed intelligent infrastructure.

ParStream’s technology, for example, can help a renewable energy company track and monitor thousands of wind turbines at once by providing the information to optimize the performance of each turbine and quickly adjust to changing environmental factors like wind direction and temperature. Instead of sending this data to a centralized server, now a company can store the data at the edge of the network, closer to the turbines and sensors, and track results even across a highly distributed network. Real-time access to data derived from the connected equipment can lead to benefits like decreased equipment downtime through predictive maintenance, increased productivity, and historical analysis of environmental patterns.

ParStream was part of the Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence start up program. The ParStream team will be integrated into Cisco’s Analytics and Automation portfolio, joining the Data and Analytics Group. The acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of fiscal year 2016.

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  1. It’s great, we currently really need edge computing database for IoT analysis, it’s will be enpower solution portfolio.

  2. ParaStream + Cisco = Great Partnership!

  3. Over the years always in accordance with the cisco network thinking to research and development of cloud computing, big data.But not really in the market overall solution of their own!
    The successful, has already started to into the right path

  4. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of ParStream is complete. Welcome to Cisco!

  5. Nice Move…

  6. Great new capabilities to bring into the Cisco family. It would be great to have a general sessions via WebEx
    with newly acquired companies and their teams to learn more.

  7. Congrats! good to see Parstream Big data joining the family.

  8. What’s the ratio of members to acquisition of the Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence program?

    • Thanks for the question, Lee. Cisco EIR is designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs working on the next big ideas in the Internet of Things/Everything (IoT/IoE), Smart Cities, Big Data/analytics, and other areas strategic to Cisco. Entrepreneurs selected to participate receive support from and introductions to business groups within Cisco, access to co-working space, and mentoring from industry experts. In the years since EIR began, Cisco has only acquired two EIR graduates, a small number of the successful graduates of the EIR program. The focus of EIR is on providing startups with the mentoring and collaboration geared towards bringing ideas to reality.

  9. Interesting move – gives Cisco a real-time capability for big data. Can’t help thinking that given the work going on in Open Source world with Hadoop and Spark or Storm that the days were numbered for this technology. It will need to be deeply embedded in network fabric to have long term viability. Hopefully Cisco did not pay too much!

    • Neither Hadoop, Spark nor Storm (nor Parquet for that matter) were designed to be edge deployable (think Fog, SGAM, Industrie4.0, Liquid, …) or low footprint (think power, silicon, bandwidth, people, …) technologies.

      ParStream is designed for a different approach and type of use-case than the so called data-lake. Call it complementary.

      It’s interesting technology, I encourage you to have a closer look. The chief architect comes from the mobile middleware space and a couple of us have been active in the TM Forum’s Big Data Analytics work.

      Disclosure: Bias, been with the company for several years 🙂

  10. Very meaningful for Cisco to have a strong play in this data-at-the edge capability. For Retail customers, the ability to collect, analyze and act on data at the edge means they can bring IoT benefits to their Supply Chain Management and all the way through, to store operations and customer experience. The ParStream capabilities can help Cisco deliver IoT value to Retail customers faster and in more business areas than ever before.Congratulations on this EIR success story!

  11. Yet one more necessary step toward driving Cisco revenue to at least half software and services in the next five years.

  12. Great Move

  13. Such an exciting news! Great job team.

  14. Willkommen zu unserer Cisco Familie Parstream!

  15. Exciting to see our continued execution and investments accelerating the Digital IOE/IOT market. Customers are very focused on extracting the value from all the new connecivity we are enjoying. Great job team. Chris.

  16. You’ve got to be in the know to understand the flow!

  17. Exciting to see Cisco IoT services and solutions driving forward….

  18. Congrats! Expanding our Analytics solution set…

  19. This is great news, Rob. As a Cisco Contact Center Consulting Systems Engineer, I have a keen interest in Big Data and Analytics. Being able to provide context and rapid insights, relative to customer history and behavior, is of great value to customer care professionals during live customer interactions. Thanks for the article.