Cisco Announces Acquisition of Worklife

October 17, 2016 - 16 Comments

I’m pleased to announce the acquisition of Heroik Labs, Inc. doing business as Worklife. Worklife is a privately-held company based in San Francisco, CA that provides software to improve meeting productivity.

Worklife’s mission is to help teams be prepared and informed so they can run highly effective meetings. Their application enables people to be more productive at work, by giving them more options to stay engaged before, during, and after meetings, from sharing agendas before the meeting, to taking notes during the meeting, and sharing those notes, as well as action items, after each meeting.

We are excited to welcome a team with a vision that is so complementary to Cisco’s own collaboration strategy, namely, to provide the best collaboration experience across every touch point, every space, and for every employee. With the Worklife team onboard, we see an opportunity to build on the virtual meeting experience that the Cisco Spark platform currently provides, and enhance meeting productivity across the board. For example, we can start offering additional tools, tightly integrated into Cisco Spark, to help users track calendars, create agenda templates, and collaborate on note-taking in real-time during a meeting. Together, we can drive a better meeting experience for all of our users.

Collaboration continues to be a top priority for Cisco. Worklife’s technology and talent builds on the success of Cisco’s previous collaboration software acquisitions such as, Assemblage, Tropo, Acano and Synata.

The Worklife team will report into the Cloud Collaboration Technology Business Unit under Senior Vice President and General Manager Jens Meggers. The current plan is that Worklife’s existing online meeting software will continue to be offered free to customers.

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  1. Has there been any new additions to Cisco Spark based of this acquisition.

  2. I look forward to seeing how this will help to centralize all meeting notes, action items and keep all stakeholders informed. Looking forward to seeing how this will also reduce emails and duplicating information to all team members that are lost and not informed of important information. Most important how this can be incorporated with JIVE so that we do not have to create separate tables.

  3. Congratulations for this acquisition. Definitely, Worklife’s technology will enhance Cisco Spark platform. Thank you for sharing this blog post.

  4. Bringing in more collaboration tools and adding to the SPARK platform, great!

  5. Awesome news!! Worth to read

  6. This is what we a good deal !

  7. Seems a better acquisition for having more productive and effective meetings !!!

  8. Looks like more productive meetings and lesser time to set up context in followup meetings. (y)

  9. How much did the acquisition cost ?

  10. This is great. Looking forward to see how all these collaboration tools will unify to give the best experience to the users. Hope to see an all-in-one collaboration platform.

  11. Congratulations @Jens. Great addition to the cloud collab business.


  12. Great to see helpful tools to help us have more productive meetings!

  13. I like the feel of this acquisition, I can wait to see what this brings in the future of collaboration.

  14. Awesome news. Can’t wait to get this embedded to our meetings!

  15. “The current plan is that Worklife’s existing online meeting software will continue to be offered free to customers” How are we planning to make money from this acquisition or is the acquisition just for technology integration

  16. What a wonderful opportunity to improve the time spent and quality of our meetings. I cant wait to learn more!