Over the past few weeks, Bell Canada has successfully rolled out Segment Routing in its next-generation core network, marking a milestone as the first Canadian carrier to actively use this innovative technology for network automation and software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities.

Internet traffic per month per user in Canada will be up to 142.6 GB in 2020, from 63.3 GB in 2016 – with 74% of Internet traffic being video. To meet this astounding growth in demand for bandwidth and more devices connected to the network, Bell Canada made the decision to go full speed on Cisco segment routing technology.

Bell Canada’s next-generation core network uses segment routing technology to simplify network operations, increase network robustness, optimize network utilization and offer innovative network services.

As part of its ‘Network 3.0’ transformation plan, Bell recently upgraded the‎ first four IP core routers to support seamless connection between network data centers and its Smart Core network. Using segment routing, client workloads across multiple data centers will be able to activate new connectivity services and tap into more bandwidth capacity using software-driven provisioning.

We’re excited to be working with Bell Canada on this initiative as we are seeing wide industry support for its innovative capabilities.

“Segment routing is a significant step forward on our mission to transform the way our network interacts with our people, processes and technology at Bell,” said Stephen Howe, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Bell Canada. “As our Network 3.0 transformation progresses, and with segment routing now in place, we now have the foundation to enable greater network reliability, as well as enhanced speed and agility from Bell in responding to clients’ needs. Using new IP routing protocols, we can improve the reliability and performance of our Smart Core network, including our network data centers, helping us to better manage overall network operations and offer our customers a superior service experience.”

I’m really pleased to see Bell Canada so well advanced in its network transformation journey. This clearly exemplifies the foundational role Segment Routing plays in making network infrastructures SDN-ready while giving Bell Canada a competitive edge to deliver innovative services much faster and more efficiently.


Yvette Kanouff

Senior Vice President/General Manager

Service Provider Business