Thinking back to how much the data center has transformed in the past ten, five, or even two years is enough to make your head spin. Keeping pace with these changes has been nearly impossible for IT departments, and it’s not getting any easier. When looking ahead, consider what changes the Internet of Everything (IoE), application-centric architectures, software-defined networking (SDN), and everything-as-a-service (XaaS) will bring. Confused? It’s no wonder.

My recent blog post described what every IT leader already knows: Running a data center is hard. Making matters worse are high-tech vendors who aren’t focused on addressing near-term customer needs. I feel that our industry, including Cisco on occasion, confuses customers with too much hyperbole around vision and strategy.

I spend a lot of time with customers all over the world, and there’s been a reoccurring theme: What customers tell me they need are solutions that will work for them today. Balancing innovation and evolution is important, but that burden needs to be carried by us—the tech vendors—not by our customers. It’s rare that customers have the time to slow down to sort it all out. Even as their IT operations are evolving, they need to “keep the planes in the air.”

Balancing Innovation and Tradition

Cisco can help you cut through the noise and implement what matters most to your organization today. We readily accept the challenge to advance the industry’s innovation engine and to lead the industry on multiple fronts, but we won’t lose sight of your immediate needs. The industry’s competitive climate is such that tech companies are always pitching the latest bright and shiny new object with hopes of getting a leg up. This is fine, but not if it undermines the mission critical IT our customers are counting on to run their businesses.

In your world, you must be nimble and able to innovate whenever necessary. At the same time, you need the means to move your users, data, and systems successfully. We can carry the burden by managing innovation for you—because it’s our job to find the best ways to integrate new technology into the infrastructure. This can free you up to focus on solving business problems.

Cisco Is Here for You, Today and in the Future

We focus on supporting our customers, which is ultimately what matters most. Our solutions are not only innovative but also serviceable. As a company, Cisco is smart, resourceful, and resilient. When there are issues, you need them resolved quickly so you can move on. When we find a problem, we fix it, whether or not it’s Cisco’s fault.

With our full-service capabilities, worldwide reach, and extensive partner channel support, Cisco has the resources to focus on your needs. Not everyone can say that. And when it comes to the future of your data center, together we will be ready for anything the future may bring.



Frank Palumbo

Senior Vice President

Global Data Center Sales