If you’re like me, you don’t like to mix things. The components for my home theater are the same. My tablet, cell phone and laptop all run the same OS. I don’t even like Neapolitan ice cream. Some might think I’m boring, but I prefer orderly.

Your network is made up of Cisco products, so why are you thinking about buying network security from a company other than Cisco? Cisco offers Identity Services Engine (ISE), which was recently awarded with SC Magazine’s 2016 Best Network Access Control (NAC) Solution Award.

Cisco ISE is now offering an Express License Bundle specifically tailored for small- and medium-sized businesses that want enterprise-class security. Cisco’s security solution encompasses: hotspot, sponsored and self-registration portals as well as RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting for 150 endpoints, which can easily be upgraded to support up to 5k endpoints. ISE Express also comes with a virtual machine license and unlimited access to the ISE portal builder

ISE Express is easy to use because it allows you to control all access through the network from one place, stops threats from getting on your network and provides rich user and device data. Besides its unmatched scalability, ISE Express beats the competition in things such as:

  • Guest services. It’s easy to deploy and comes with a detailed dynamic guest workflow. Other solutions charge extra for guest customization services – not Cisco!
  • Enabled Smart Default. This feature encompasses IP-Phone policies, multiple guest access methods, blacklisting, wired and wireless and more.
  • TrustSec: This provides software-defined segmentation to dynamically enforce role-based access policy throughout the network.
  • Better third party support.
  • Extensive troubleshooting capabilities.

To read more about Cisco ISE Express, click here.


Dan Stotts

Product Marketing Manager

Security Product Marketing organization