A great access network should deliver a truly unplugged and uninterrupted wireless experience no matter the size of the deployment. It should be simple to use, flexible in its architecture, and secure by design. Cisco meets these requirements and more with its latest iteration of the Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst 9100 Series Access Points. The Embedded Wireless Controller provides enterprise grade Wi-Fi 6 wireless for smaller networks in an easy-to-deploy and manage, license-free solution with the ability to grow with you as your needs evolve. Plus this solution has the security and resiliency features you need for peace of mind.

Flexibility provides choice and investment protection  

Smaller businesses are known for their agility and their networks aren’t any different. They need to be fluid, with the ability to support both growth and strategy changes as business needs evolve.  And what makes sense with larger businesses doesn’t always translate well for those with smaller sized networks.  That’s what makes the Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller on the Catalyst Access Points so special. The solution offers an integrated license-free Smart Dashboard and mobile app that can control up to 100 Access Points (AP). It also offers advanced Bluetooth options with Zigbee and BLE to support IoT requirements. And because the solution is based on the Cisco Catalyst architecture, if you grow beyond 100 APs, you can easily migrate to an appliance or cloud-based controller. This brings in DNA Licensing and a host of additional enterprise-class management features needed in larger, more complex deployments.

EWC mobile app makes it easy to deploy, manage, and monitor

Simple yet powerful

A dedicated wireless team is great but it’s a luxury that those with smaller networks don’t always have.  In fact, it’s most likely that your IT personnel wear multiple hats. That’s precisely why we’ve made the EWC so easy to use.

It means that you get intuitive functionality from the license-free Smart Dashboard and intuitive mobile app.  And using either makes the solution a breeze to set up and deploy in just minutes. It’s also easy to manage and monitor, providing you and your users a reliable and always-on Wi-Fi experience.

In a recent Miercom assessment, the lab said, “The Cisco EWC solution is one of the easiest wireless products to deploy that we’ve encountered to date.” Miercom was able to conduct an initial setup in eight minutes and testers were impressed that the deployment didn’t require a reboot after the setup. They also made mention of its “powerful platform” and that it’s an “excellent value.”

For more information, check out the Miercom assessment, here

Secure and resilient

Business networks must serve and perform multiple functions to meet today’s most demanding requirements. Security is a must for any business and that’s why the Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst Access Points offers enterprise-class security to keep your network protected. This includes capabilities such as rogue detection and identification, Walled Garden and DNS blocking, and comprehensive cloud-based  security with Cisco Umbrella.

To ensure uptime,  we’ve added failsafe features. If your Embedded Wireless Controller should happen to fail, another other AP takes over automatically, in seconds, keeping your wireless network running and your business moving. No manual intervention needed.

Upgrade from Aironet and Mobility Express

The Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst Access Points is the upgrade for those using Cisco 2504 Wireless Controllers, the recently retired Cisco 3504 Wireless Controllers and Cisco Mobility Express. Compared to these solutions, the Embedded Wireless Controller has Wi-Fi 6 hardware, BLE and Zigbee capabilities, advanced and more intuitive software, and additional security capabilities.

Overall, the Embedded Wireless Controller offers cost-effective connectivity that is ideal for a variety of network needs:

  • Small and mid-size networks that want to upgrade or deploy a new, easy-to-use, Wi-Fi 6 network without the added expense and complexity of license fees
  • Businesses with a demand for cost-effective, easy to use and manage, enterprise class wireless access

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Check out the mobile app demo

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