As we have discussed in our Software-Defined Branch (SD-Branch) blog series, Part 1 examined SD-Branch hardware and software, while Part 2 explored orchestration and management options.

To sum it up-the Cisco SD-Branch solution provides a simplified, software-based approach to branch office network services. With centralized orchestration and management for SD-WAN and traditional routing infrastructures, Cisco SD-Branch delivers on-demand network services, makes adding new services and changes easy without a truck-roll/site visit, and eliminates hardware appliances for branch network services functions. With Cisco SD-Branch, you can increase flexibility and deliver new or updated services quickly while saving time and costs.

Our new White Paper provides further details on what enterprise and service providers should consider when deploying an SD-Branch solution. We detail how SD-Branch is transforming the branch infrastructure for the digital economy.

Check out the new white paper to learn more about the reasons enterprise and managed service providers (MSPs) want agility and on-demand services, and how they can both benefit from purpose-built hardware and software for LAN and WAN network services, all while orchestrated and managed from a single GUI.  Learn about how Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) can be rapidly and securely deployed for new and updated services. Additionally, discover how Cisco SD-Branch for energy management and connected lighting and IoT in retail that can also support edge-computing use cases.


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Marketing Manager

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