Learning from the past

What a year it’s been for networking…seems like a bit of an understatement.  It was truly the pop quiz that tested how well our networks could respond to the dynamic needs of the business.

For some, maybe it was smooth sailing and the pandemic proved that your networking investments over the past couple years really paid off.  For others, possibly your network itself held up, but it wasn’t delivering the scale and security you needed when it came time to support most of your workforce working from home.  Maybe your teams were able to move workloads to the cloud, but they lost critical visibility. Or perhaps you were able to support the business working remotely, but it was quickly apparent that your networking teams were behind when it comes to managing the network remotely.

For most of us, our scorecards were a combination of wins and losses.

Planning for future disruptions

Whichever boat you’re in, we invite you to a special webinar where I’ll spend some time delving into our findings in the latest 2021 Global Networking Trends Report: Business Resilience Special Edition.

Figure 1. Network foundation for workforce, workplace, workload and operational resilience

The report covers five trends for workforce, workplace, workload, and IT operations resilience.  We’ll also hear from Chris Groves, one of our own Directors in Technical Systems Engineering, about some of the things Cisco IT did to respond to the pandemic. In addition, we’ll share some of the ways we’re rethinking our strategies to prepare our own network for whatever may come next. How are we preparing for the safe return to the office and hybrid work? What’s our approach to cloud for improving our agility? How are we protecting our remote workers? As we all know, there’s no time like the present to prepare for tomorrow.

Webinar invitation

Please be our guest Thursday, December 10 at 10 am Pacific Time for Build resilience with the top 5 networking trends for 2021.  Together, let’s think about how to prepare our networks for whatever comes next.

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Prashanth Shenoy

Vice President of Marketing

Enterprise Networking and Mobility