Digitization opens up an amazing opportunity to create new capabilities, richer experiences and an unprecedented economic opportunity. And yet, research shows that digital disruption will also displace four out of the 10 top companies by 2020. Those that succeed will have one key asset in common: a digital ready network. To be prepared, organizations must fundamentally change how they build, manage and secure their networks. This is the new era of networking.

The network of the future is simple intelligent, automated and secure. Cisco is at the forefront of this transformation with our Digital Networking Architecture or DNA as we refer to it. DNA is a blueprint for organizations to build digital-ready networks. IDC recently surveyed 2,054 global organizations across 10 countries to determine the digital readiness of their networks. Their research revealed that companies that have invested in modern network capabilities like DNA are experiencing two to three times the rate of growth in revenue, customer retention and profit.

But that’s not all! DNA has also spawned off over 250 innovations in areas like fog computing, streaming telemetry, connected buildings while contributing to industry bodies like the IETF. This has a profound impact on how we’re taking the industry along on our path to create the network of the future. Likewise, we’re building industry-leading partnerships with companies like Apple to enable richer customer experiences.

There are several far-reaching technology implications of digitization. This includes – proliferation of cloud-delivered apps and services, the exponential growth in connected devices coupled with the ever-increasing security landscape and how network analytics can be tapped to drive business outcomes. With DNA, organizations can usher in a new era of networking, where the network becomes a platform for insights, automation and security, simplifying IT and providing businesses with greater agility and efficiencies. This is the essence of Cisco’s software-driven approach to networking.

Enterprises must build the networks of tomorrow, today. The future is now. Join us on this journey and profit from it.



Anand Oswal

No Longer with Cisco