If you’ve been paying attention to networking industry news, you’re sure to have heard the phrase: middle-mile. So, what is the middle-mile? A middle-mile network connects users and workloads across regions, giving you on-demand site-to-site and site-to-cloud connectivity over a private cloud backbone. You get the added benefits of guaranteed SLA, consistent 24/7 uptime, and reduced operations costs via simplified management. Middle-mile adoption is on the rise with revenue attributable for cloud middle-mile networks forecasted to reach $6.58 billion from 2021 to 20251.

Cisco has been at the forefront of innovation by integrating SD-WAN with middle-mile networks and recently we’ve grown our partnership with AWS to include middle-mile network connectivity using the AWS global cloud network. Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with AWS Cloud WAN is a joint solution that delivers a single-portal experience to connect multi-region cloud workloads, as well as cloud-to-on-premises workloads together, with end-to-end visibility and secure connectivity across the AWS cloud backbone.

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Accelerate Cloud Transformation with Cisco SD-WAN and AWS
Wednesday, October 26, 2022
10:00 AM Pacific Time

If you’re interested in how Cisco SD-WAN enables you to maximize the AWS middle-mile, please join us. Experts from Cisco and AWS will discuss how to access workloads across the AWS global cloud network and establish connectivity between on-prem and cloud regions during our live webinar. Our speakers will showcase how Cisco SD-WAN with AWS networking solutions enable simplified management, on-demand deployment, and optimized performance. You’ll learn how to:

  • Provision a global cloud network using an automated process via Cisco vManage
  • Define a multi-region, segmented, dynamically routed network with an intent-driven policy​
  • Significantly reduce network deployments from weeks to hours
  • Adopt an on-demand and pay-as-you-go consumption model for your global network

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Queries on the solution? Email us at aws_cisco_sdwan@cisco.com

1) IDC 2022 – AWS Announces General Availability of Cloud WAN, Addresses Growing Enterprise Demand for Cloud Transit Networks


Cathy Karaguez

Product Marketing Manager