Principal Engineer – Technical Marketing – SD-WAN
Contributing Author: Steve Wood, Principal Engineer – Technical Marketing – SD-WAN

SD-WAN is now a foundational part of the cloud journey for organizations adopting Infrastructure-as-a-Service for on-demand application availability. But that journey needs to continue ever-evolving. The option of manually stitching the connectivity from branch to cloud or region-by-region is no longer efficient or scalable.

Keeping pace with this evolving reality, Cisco became the first vendor in the industry to natively integrate SD-WAN with major cloud service providers, automating site-to-cloud connectivity and creating a uniform network configuration and policy management experience for enterprise IT. And over the past several years, Cisco and AWS have been innovating to simplify and accelerate the cloud journey for their large joint customer base in order to achieve a truly optimized global network fabric.

Continuing this innovation, Cisco and AWS are now working closely on integrating Cisco SD-WAN with AWS Cloud WAN to connect multi-region as well as cloud-to-on-premises workloads together. Using the Cisco SD-WAN powered by Viptela solution, customers can leverage Cisco SD-WAN vManage for a single-portal experience, end-to-end visibility and assurance, and secure connectivity across their AWS cloud regions.

Cisco SD-WAN powered by Meraki customers can similarly achieve site-to-site connectivity using single-button automated deployment via Cisco Meraki Quick Start for AWS Cloud WAN.

Thus, IT providers can accelerate their cloud transformation journey with on-demand consumption to connect to their AWS workloads from any network, anywhere, at any time.

Together Cisco and AWS deliver a powerful joint solution that helps customers achieve:

  • Automation – The solution reduces multi-region deployment time from weeks to hours and significantly lowers TCO with automated provisioning, dynamic routing, and automated segmentation
  • Unified management – The solution simplifies management with an intuitive workflow, allowing you to auto discover VPCs, launch cloud gateways, and provision policy-based segments through a single portal
  • Secure cloud networking – The integration gives you greater peace of mind through native segmentation and a global policy to control inter-segment routing and firewalling

The Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN with AWS Cloud WAN integration will be available beginning with the Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN 17.12 release.

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