Imagine driving a car in a crowded city where you have never been before. You suddenly find that the car does not have any rear-view or side-view mirrors. How traumatic could that be!

Now contrast that with a familiar road. The one which you know like the back of your hand. You probably never look out for those mirrors. Your brain remembers each nook and corner of that street. You can process all real-time information, correlate it to events and experiences from the past, and make the right decisions instantaneously.

Now let’s look at this from a WAN connectivity standpoint.

Much like the example above, IT specialists are navigating the changes in the world of WAN connectivity in a similar fashion. They value their familiarity with deploying Cisco’s WAN technologies and their experience with Cisco IOS-XE. At the same time, they are aware of evolving business requirements and emerging use cases.

As they chart their course through these unfamiliar waters, it is reassuring to know that Cisco SD-WAN, powered by Cisco IOS-XE, provides multi-cloud access, end-to-end analytics, and application optimization—all on a secure access service edge (SASE) enabled architecture.

Evolution of SD-WAN

WAN connectivity has evolved from merely a way of connecting branches to applications running in data centers. This evolution opens up opportunities for enterprises and organizations alike to determine what a software-defined WAN should look like. Our definition is built on our vast experience deploying such networks with customers around the world, across various industries and verticals.

As customers plan their network evolution, Cisco IOS-XE becomes a familiar innovative engine that addresses the challenges posed by today’s world.

IOS-XE Differentiation and Benefits
Figure 1. IOS-XE Differentiation and Benefits

The innovation does not limit itself to the software. Cisco also addresses the scale and performance requirements of today’s demanding networks with our award-winning Cisco® Catalyst® 8000 Edge Platforms. Specifically designed for SD-WAN, the Cisco Catalyst Edge Platforms Family provides a flexible, scalable, and secure WAN edge for business-first resiliency and cloud-native agility. What’s more, they offer industry-leading interface flexibility, performance, as well as the ability to host services at scale.

How can Cisco help you?

Updating to the latest innovations of Cisco SD-WAN platforms will ensure that customers stay ahead of the game to drive business growth and success, and provide an exceptional user experience. Cisco provides assistance to update your WAN infrastructure.

Resources available to our customers include:

  • Template conversion & migration tools as well as validation set-ups on DCloud
  • Documentation and training guiding customers on best practices and use-case-based scenarios and examples.
  • Design, consultation, and implementation services are offered by CX.
  • Mentored Install (MINT) services by our certified partners.

Upgrade today and save!

If you have existing Cisco vEdge Routers or Cisco 1100x Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR) running Viptela OS, receive up to 30% off Cisco DNA subscriptions and selected Cisco Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms Family and Cisco ISR 1000 Series routers.

Upgrade to Cisco IOS-XE and save up to 30%!

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