#CLUS is quickly approaching which means Tech Field Day Extra is just around the corner! Ten influencers will be joining Cisco in our sessions on Wednesday July 13th starting at 9am-2:30pm to discuss several new features and additions.

For those of you who haven’t seen Tech Field Day, here is the breakdown: the top influencers (podcasters, bloggers, and speakers) come to CLUS to listen to a few Cisco experts to share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format. These sessions are live streamed and will also be posted on YouTube for you to watch at your leisure.

Watch the livestream here on July 13th at 9am: http://techfieldday.com/event/clus16/


To kick off our first session Product Managers Elisa Caredio and Kural Arangasamy will be discussing the latest additions to the Branch Threat Defense portfolio covering both the Cisco Umbrella Branch and Stealthwatch Learning Network License The first addition they will present on is the threat protection at the DNS layer as well as the ability to filter domains for the best protection of an enterprise branch, especially for guest-wifi use cases. They will then dive into an innovative way to turn the branch router into a sensor; through a centralized console you can get visibility on threats affecting a branch or moving laterally from branch to branch and quickly remediate. These two additions couple with other Branch Threat Defense capabilities implemented on our Cisco ISR branch routers to provide an effective layered approach to branch security.

To follow Elisa and Kural, Principle Engineer Tim Szigeti will introduce Validation of Experience (VoE). He’ll be discussing how QoS technologies are the second-most deployed networking technology in the Enterprise (second only to routing). Tim will dive into how network administrators often struggle to quantify the return-on-investment from enabling QoS technologies because of limitations in instrumentation, telemetry, monitoring and reporting. This session will overview new initiatives that Cisco Enterprise Networking is driving as part of the DNA architecture for validating the experience of applications.

Controller-led automation is one of the core pillars of Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) driving lower costs and higher agility in network deployment and operation. Ronnie Ray, Product Management Director, and Ramit Kanda, Product Manager of Network Transformation Enterprise Management and Controller, will be discussing Controller-led automation as well as Cisco APIC-EM. At the end of this session you will learn the evolution, core functions, and see a live demonstration of the capabilities of Cisco APIC-EM and applications running on it as an example of the industry transformation in progress.

Srivatsan Desikan, Product Manager of Enterprise Networking and Mobility along with Pradeep Parmar, Product Manager of Portfolio, Software, and Campus Switching, will wrap up the Tech Field Day sessions discussing Digital Business Transformation. Srivatsan and Pradeep will explain how Cisco enables enterprises to transform into digital businesses through new customer experiences, innovative business models, and by empowering workforce innovation. Tune into the Tech Field Day livestream to learn how Cisco’s foundation for digital transformation delivers a robust portfolio of products and services, outcome-oriented digital solutions, and a developer environment supported by a global ecosystem of partners. They’ll also showcase customer examples of how digital transformation is becoming a reality today.

This year’s Tech Field Day Extra sessions at Cisco Live US covers a multitude of new and exciting additions. Tune in to the livestream to hear about Branch Threat Defense latest innovations, Validation of Experience (VoE), Driving DNA Automation with APIC-EM Controller, and Digital Business Transformation starting at 9am on July 13th and watch out for the YouTube sessions to follow.


Breana Jordan

Product Marketing Specialist

Products and Solutions Marketing