We often wish people “safe travels”.. yet how much do we consider what it means in today’s hyper-connected world?

More than ever, technology has given us the ability to change the world. Inbar Lasser-Raab, recently shared how digitization is forcing cities and businesses to reimagine their business models to innovate and thrive. Another example of how this impacts our everyday world is in the Transportation industry. Like every other industry, it’s evolving but innovation here has the opportunity to leapfrog. By using a digital-ready network, governments are able to create a safer, faster way to get drivers and cargo where they’re going – there’s never been a better time to build safer and smarter roads.


One of the more compelling stories on Connected Transportation comes from ASFINAG, Austria’s Audobahn Corporation. ASFINAG, developed a smart highway that prevents traffic jams by connecting thousands of sensors to an extensive network. These connections are made using the Cisco IP interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS). This technology enables communication with all systems and helps prevent emergencies by directing rescuers and police to the site of an accident more quickly. They also used the opportunity to turn that data into something they could actually use to benefit residents and visitors.

Another technology that provides analytics about end users or customer mobility patterns from the network is Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX). In this example, you can leverage intelligence from the network to provide a better experience to travelers by sharing travel times and predicting traffic patterns. These location-based insights and analysis transform a connected road into a smart road.

However, CMX isn’t just for connected transportation. Many different businesses and industries can benefit since it can be easily managed from the cloud or on-premises. With a digital-ready wireless network, organizations can:

  • Engage and deliver a more personalized experience to mobile users – ultimately improving customer satisfaction and loyalty to achieve better business results
  • Analyze visitor behavior onsite to learn dwell times, high traffic zones, and heat maps to provide better user experiences and operations
  • Locate and track mobile assets more quickly and accurately within 1 to 3 meters

Take a look at the Cisco Hyperlocation White Paper to learn how your organization can benefit from an ultraprecise location solution.


Romil Khansaheb

Director, Marketing

Enterprise Networking and Mobility